Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Why is simplicity so hard?

FOR TODAY July 16, 2008...
Outside My Window...are sheets that still need to come in now that they are dry.
I am thinking...I am so thankful for my thoughtful husband for giving me a night off. I desperately needed it.
I am thankful for...the Lord still working with me and conforming to the likeness of His Son even when I don't see much hope.
From the kitchen...I have taco soup in the crockpot keeping warm for TODR, "moldy" chips (guacomole), sour dough starter starting and my husband's lunch packed and in the fridge for tomorrow.
I am anklet, green nail polish on toenails and fingernails, brown bohemian skirt with peach in it, peach shirt and hair in a clip. Still no shoes.
I am creating... a new attitude, I hope.
I am let my nail polish finish drying and then I am going to take a really long shower.
I am reading...3 Steps Forward and 2 Steps Back by Chuck Swindoll, Pearls of Great Price by Joni Eareckson Tada, Making Brothers and Sisters Best Friends by the Mali Siblings (with my children), Proverbs and Romans.
I am hoping...that the baby will go back to sleep if I give her the binky back that I am sure she spit out and ended up under her crib.
I am going and a baby crying.
Around the house...everything is as tidy as it is going to get tonight. I still have my foot bath/massager out and it needs to be emptied.
One of my favorite taking care of my feet and painting my nails wild colors.
A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week...finish off V.B.S. with the kids, try to keep Sat. as a preperation day, go to Love and Respect Sat. night, rent a movie for the kids for that night, hopefully make some decent bread for lunches that my husband likes.
Here is picture thought I am sharing...

Most of the time I am the happy ball. Some times I get blue. I love this picture TODR found on the internet. He finds such cool pix for his weblog!
The Simple Woman's Daybook Link!

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Linda said...

In winter here our showers are sometimes coldish. I think you deserve a nice hot shower though, so enjoy.