Wednesday, July 30, 2008

She tagged me!

My friend, Bucca, tagged me. I am supposed to share six random things about myself and then tag six people to do the same.

1. On cold winter nights my husband has me crawl into bed. He then uses the hairdryer to warm up the whole bed. It is such a lovely feeling. We usually left the hairdryer next to our bed. I have often wondered what our babysitters, Kacey and Barbara, used to think.

2. I really like artichokes, GOOD CHOCOLATE, and popcorn. I really dislike plain milk, Miracle Whip and dirty toilet seats (especially ones that are left up).

3. My favorite clothing item in sixth grade was a neon pink shirt that I had gotten for Christmas. I even had earrings that matched. They were long with a different colored neon bead on the end of three little "stems" on each earring. I felt so cool when I wore them. Now it is my husband that wears neon (orange) all the time. I don't think it is so cool anymore. I still think HE is cool though.

4. Before I had children I really, really thought I would enjoy pregnancy and breastfeeding more than I have. I love my children and wouldn't trade anything in the world for them. I get so sick when I am pregnant that it is hard for me to have a good attitude let alone fulfill my obligations. I don't mind breastfeeding my babies. I believe it is the healthiest option for everyone involved. I have had to give it up a couple of times and it made me sad. It just isn't that incredibly bonding experience that it seems to be for some others. Every time I have seen my precious little one on ultrasound it makes all the pregnancy nausea/vomitting worth it, but not any easier. It always makes me lean on the Lord. I have so much compassion on those dealing with chronic issues. I am sick for months, but at the end I get an incredible pay off. Folks dealing with chronic illness see no end in sight.

5. I battle with myself often. I really, really want to be ultra organized. I mean really organized! Like I would like all my books alphabetized, everything in containers with labels and all clothes folded in their drawers. I wish all my furniture matched and I had a "country living" home. On the other hand I desperately want my children to have happy memories of childhood. I want them to remember that mom let them play with bubbles in the sink, that they could make a mess (as long as they cleaned it up afterwards) and people felt welcome in our home. I had a friend once with a perfectionist mother. She had plastic all over her matching furniture and rugs. Her house was perfect. She always seemed unhappy. I truly don't want to live in a bubble. If you saw my house, you would know that the latter IS winning.

6. I am tired of the comment that I look good for HAVING HAD SEVEN KIDS. I just want to look great. I am sure it is pride. My husband and children ALWAYS tell me how beautiful I am. I know my husband wouldn't want me to be too skinny. I really would love to fit into my wedding gown (not that I even still own it). I have had many well-intentioned folk give me tips. I seriously don't have time to sit around and eat. I feel like I did when I was pregnant the first time. Everyone had advice. My grandmother even went so far as to say that I was sick because I didn't think positively enough. Maybe I am just not in the positive zone right now.

Okay, I am tagging...

Rebecca at the Washington Walkers. You didn't call "no tag-backs," but I am. Ha-ha!

Michele at Frugal Granola.


TODR at This is The Day.

Sharon at In My Father's Garden.

Valerie at Bound by Grace.

I am hoping the last two will be encouraged to post again:)


Michele said...

May I just say, "You Look Great!" :) Whenever I see you, even if you're tired, and pulled in *seven* directions, you still exude the beauty of the Joy of Christ. :)

This looks fun! :) Thanks!

Thanks so much for the award, too. Did you see my post when Rebecca gave it to me? Award-Winning Blogs


Heath Clan said...

I thought she had, but I had so much going on in my head that I didn't remember for sure. You obviously have a great blog!

Thank you for being so sweet. I am just struggling with personal issues. Most days I am fine, but there are situations that bring up my insecurities. I have struggled with the weight issue for years. I have yo-yo-ed from underweight (and doing majorly unhealthy things to get there) to today and everywhere in between. I don't ever want to go back it being the only thing I can think of or talk about.

Sharon said...

I hear ya there Kendra, about not wanting dieting to be all you think about or talk about. I too have had the yo-yo struggle ever since about 8th grade and have slowly gained over the years to my very fluffy self. Now with the Type 2 diagnosis I am back to a bit of the obsession but this time it is for life and I am taking baby steps toward that end. Not easy but at least the Lord has changed my heart to the point of realizing that though change I must it doesn't have to be an obsession :) He is sharing His wonderful grace and mercy daily and He gives me the desire to choose life each day.
Kendra, you are a very beautiful woman inside and out and a great wife and mother. There will be a day when your husband and children rise up and call you blessed.
Love you,

Sharon said...

That is if they don't already call you blessed :)