Friday, October 31, 2008

Dedicated to the Captain

When Brian and I got married I didn't want to walk down the aisle to the traditional bridal march. I know a very uncharitable rendition of it with lyrics about the bride being big, fat and wide. I couldn't handle it. So instead we chose Great is Thy Faithfullness. Since we are in the high statistics to have a failed marriage, us making it is only a testimony of God's grace and His faithfullness. This is a wonderful reminder that Brian and I will fail each other, but God never will. With His strength there is the power to live in today with His new mercies.

Monday, October 27, 2008

The Ship's Captain

I shared about the kinfolk that have my six in my previous post. They are the ones we fly with and have each other's backs. Our family's visual for the biblical family is a military ship. TODR is the captain, while I am the first-mate. Depending on the ages of the children makes them either officers or crew. Now all of these people filling these positions are equal in human worth. All these positions, however, have differing levels of responsibility and privilege. The captain not only is supposed to have my six, but the whole clock.

Sometimes it is so easy to look at some one else's privileges and envy them. It is even easier to assume that if I were in charge instead of that someone else I would do a better job. Truth be told The Admiral doesn't put the wrong man in the job. Since my captain and I both came from huge marine ship disasters it is hard for us to work as a team.

We are going through a big time in our life that I would liken to a scene in Captain Horatio Hornblower. The captain caputures a ship and then without asking the Admiral turns the ship over to a man he believes to be an ally. Then he finds out from British official documents that England is in fact an ally of Spain and he made a huge mistake. Then he has to go back and destroy this ship that has him outmanned and outgunned. After a big blunder like that it can be easy to lose faith in your captain. Captain Horatio does go back and is victorious because of his brilliant strategy. It is a hard fought battle, but he proves that he is the man for the job.

I must admit that I lost faith in my captain. I can be a stupid, foolish, sinful woman. I am, however, honest. We are in a position that we now have to sail back and destroy a ship we should never have let go. I do have faith that the Admiral has placed the right man in the position. I am not foolish enough to know that the sinking of that ship will be easy or without cost. I do know that if we work as a team God will bring us through. He put the right folks in the right positions.

MODR, I am sorry that I fail to respect you and believe in you like I should. I truly do know that God brought us together. He made you the captain of our ship. He didn't make a mistake. These things just give us an opportunity to work together as a team. Humility before honor is the way of the kingdom. Let's go sink the ship.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Saturday Seven

Anne Shirley of Green Gables talked about "kindred spirits." Laura Ingalls Wilder wrote an article about the difference between "kinfolk" and "relatives." Now "kindred spirits" and "kinfolk" are those friends that Proverbs speaks of; the ones that stick closer than a brother. So for my Saturday Seven I am going to list Seven of my kinfolk or those that have my six (as my awesome pastor would say). These are folk that the Lord has blessed me with and they will fail me because they are human while Jesus never will. These are Jesus with skin on.


1.Rebecca Walker (She definately rocks. I love her enough to even share her with Tim and Amy and Lolanda, but that might be it:)

2.My mom

3.R. John P.

4.R. John P.'s lovely wife, Dalene

5.The Lovely and Gracious Ms. Wanda

6.Superman that happens to be married to the Lovely and Gracious Ms. Wanda
7.My sniffer (sister)

Friday, October 17, 2008

Pink Floyd - Another Brick in the Wall

I haven't posted for a while. I have wanted to post about why we homescool. Here is one big erudite reason from some insightful folk.

Saturday, October 04, 2008

A Big Ten-Four

Eleven years ago I was still in labor with my oldest son at this time. I had been in labor since before midnight when my water broke. He wouldn't be born until 3:45pm. He is the only one I had in a hospital. Although I had some really nice midwives I think the hospital scene added to my anxiety and inability to progress. I ended up with pitocin. It was my longest labor as well.

I finally pushed out a 7lbs. 13oz., 19 and 1/2" long incredible miracle. I will never forget the incredible sensation of touching my first child. We didn't know if this baby I carried was going to be a boy or a girl. Somehow I just knew he was a boy. He sure was.

They washed him, weighed and measured him, and placed him all wrapped up in my arms. I sat there mesmerized by him. I didn't want to share him with anyone. I even ate while holding him. We all laugh at the story of how I tried to choke him on chicken. While I was eating I dropped a piece of chicken right in my yawning baby's mouth. I fished it out right away. He didn't have enough time to breath it or anything. There was no real danger, but I almost hyperventilated while thinking about it.

Today 11 years later he is still a miracle. He is very agile. It is hard to believe all the things he is capable of. He is very helpful with the little ones. He has a big heart for them. He can chop kindling for his Oma. He can chop firewood. He can start fires. He is doing better at school. He is an able fisherman and camper and hiker. He usually walks the older folks or ladies at church to their vehicles. He still wants to be a smoke-jumper. A dream he has had since he was four. Given his giftings he would be a wonderful firefighter. I am so proud of this boy! He is such a gift!

Happy Birthday to you, Big Ten-Four!

Thursday, October 02, 2008

The Bad with the Good

The good news is that the Fireproof movie is doing really well (see post below).

The bad news is that the Senate passed that horrible bail-out plan. I think this picture is so perfect though:

Of course the Good News never changes. Jesus came to save us from the wrath of God. If you are found in Him then you will be saved eternally. That is better than being bailed-out temporarily in this world's system. No matter what this fall-out means they cannot take away my soul. That belongs to God.

Get the message?

As Michael Silberman of Samuel Goldwyn said, "The Kendricks are catering to audiences that Hollywood doesn't make movies for anymore." Imagine if Hollywood would "get the message" and start giving the American audience movies it wants to see instead of giving them what Hollywood wants them to see.

Now there is a thought. If you want to read the whole article go here.