Sunday, December 30, 2007

Christmas Adventures

Here are some pictures from the past few days. We have had quite the adventuresome Christmas this year.

We currently have about 6 inches of snow and it is still snowing. We have had snow off and on since Christmas day. Our beautiful new baby decided to arrive at 8:30a.m. on the 26th.

Christmas saw us celebrating at Oma's house. Our oldest boy went home with family to spend the night at their house. We got home and got sort of organized with stuff. You know how sort of must be with six children's Christmas presents, left overs and snowsuits to put away. We were getting ready for bed that night when the power went out due to downed trees. We put the big girls and remaining son downstairs on the sleeper sofa because they had no night lights in their room. That Samboy did an awesome job of staying calm and helped his sisters too. We got power back around midnight.

The Ole Daddy Rabbit got up to go to work. He was informed that he needed to call our midwife and not go to work. We called the midwife once. We weren't going to go in quite yet. Then we found out we REALLY needed to go. We then lost power again. Our cell phone was down because it hadn't been plugged in. The Ole Daddy Rabbit raced to get Oma to stay with the other children. We called the midwife from the van because the car charger worked. It then took us two hours to make the trip. We passed some downed trees as well as a couple of cars that had slid off the side.

We made it there in one piece. Our midwife never lost power:) The power came back on at home. Timarie Joy arrived with one push. She has eclipsed her brother with the biggest baby status at 9lbs. 3oz. He still holds the record at 23" because she only measured 22".

Everyone is home and safe. We are snowbound right now. The Ole Daddy Rabbit built forts and had snow fights with all the kiddos (except the baby). You seem to have two choices when stuck together like this: You learn to love each other and work as a team or there is chaos. We seem to be choosing the former. All is good and we are thankful to God for that.

Friday, December 21, 2007


Some days I get reminded that God is taking care of us even in the little things. Today we were at the store. The store manager walked up to us and handed us a 25 dollar gift certificate for groceries from someone. It was signed Santa Claus, but the children and I all know it was from God:) It was hard not to cry at that simple act of kindness towards us. We have so much to be grateful for. We have always been warm, clothed and fed. We even get some wants as well as needs met. I am always amazed when God shows us that He is real and He does indeed take care of His people.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Late Soccer Pix

This is our soccer team this year. Can you pick our beautiful princess out of the bunch? I will give you a hint: She's the only girl.

Our oldest daughter played soccer this year. This is the whole team (we did have one other girl that showed up sometimes). Even though we had a small team they were undefeated the whole season. They played hard and practiced good sportsmanship. We were very proud of the whole team. Our girl played hard enough to keep up with the boys. She also did so in her modest capri pants and her pink shin guards:) It was worth all the travel time, coaching and other inconveniences. We worked together as a family. I got a certificate for coaching. Our princess got a trophy. We all got cake and goodies. Not a bad deal.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Steamy Gossip

The Ole Daddy Rabbit has a new job! He is still going to be working at the mill, but he has a new position. It is called Fuel Tending. It is working with the Steam Boiler that fuels the kilns. He is going to be challenged with learning new things. He will also get a chance at furthering his schooling. It is a great opportunity for him. We are so proud of him.

The schedule will take some getting used to as well as the extra time he might need for school. I know some people might be surprised, but I am such a rut person. I get things in a system and I have a hard time getting out. This is a good opportunity for me to learn to be more flexible (yet again). That seems to be the big lesson in my life: flexibility. I need to rely on the Lord so much more when life is not static. Life, in general, tends to throw us curves. Since I have six, almost seven, children and live in the backwoods you can imagine how curvy my life can be. Also if you consider that we engage in many atypical activities like homeschooling and homebirthing, we are in for quite the ride. We might as well break out the refreshments and revel in it.

We are soooo very proud of you. You are awesome. Good-on-ya!

Monday, December 17, 2007


n. a combination of circumstances or a result that is opposite of what might be expected or considered appropriate.

Not too long ago I won some books, wonderful books. The books titles are all something like "Clutter's Last Stand" and "Make Your House Do the Work." I have six children, a medium size house and not a whole lotta storage room. I am constantly recycling to the thrift store, making the children PUT THINGS WHERE THEY BELONG, and assigning various chores to be done. The irony is that these wonderful books are sitting in a pile of to-be-put-away-when-I-find-a-space. They also seem to be wandering since the boys think the cartoons in the book are hysterical.

In my defense, I do have all of my Christmas things finished, delivered or in the mail. I have made cookies with the children. We made goodies to deliver to neighbors. We have read together, played games together etc. I am also due tomorrow with our seventh baby. I am trying not to feel badly that it is 10:00a.m. and I am still in my jammies. I think it is better to observe the irony and laugh rather than compare myself to my perception of other "perfect" homeschool moms. I might have to include some of this stuff in our next poll:)

Thursday, December 13, 2007

I Finally Can Do Videos!

My friend, the awesome and wonderful Bucca, has shown me how to post a video to my blog. This one is incredible. I cried the first time I saw it. The message is great!

Friday, December 07, 2007

Well, I got that to work!

I actually got the poll thing to work. I am very exctited. Of course, this blogspot stuff does make things a little easier then some of the other ones I have seen. I am going to see what else I can do with the site. You know, in all my spare time:)

Thursday, December 06, 2007

I really don't wanna...

I think most of us don't want to suffer. I will admit that I don't want to sign up for that one. I am getting closer to our due date and it causes me to think of pain and suffering. We receive the Desiring God e-mail. Today's was about suffering. It is the second time I have seen an article about the same passage recently. I don't know what God is saying. I do know that looking back over my life that all the suffering that I have seen (in a limited scope compared to others) has drawn me closer to the Lord.

I know, just like in childbirth, that suffering is no fun while it endures. I also know that when I hold that precious child in my arms that they are worth it. So it makes me wonder why the idea of suffering makes me fear so much. I know that Jesus will hold me in His arms and it will be worth it. See what happens when I am nine months pregnant? I remember my dreams and I get very deep.

Well, those are my deep thoughts for today. Maybe I should see about embedding a poll on my sidebar. I could see what we should name our new baby. I know some one rooting for Tebecca. Weird!

Monday, December 03, 2007

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas

I am so excited about my Christmas craft projects. I downloaded a free e-book awhile ago. The home made gift ideas all started out with supplies I have laying around my house. We are trying to live within a budget and get ready for Christmas. I made seven presents last night that used left over socks and mittens, ribbon, wood and some paint. I was quite pleased with the results. Unfortunately, I am not able to post pictures or brag too much because some recipients of said gifts are my only avid readers. More importantly my huband was impressed with the results. I think he was doubtful of the end product when looking at my raw materials.

I have pretty much all my Christmas stuff done. I am trying to be cheerful and thankful. I have a great husband. I have Christmas things done. I have indoor plumbing. If anyone thinks the last one is strange talk to our pastor that just spent two weeks in Botswana. I have only 2 weeks left until our due date and I am extremely uncomfortable. I am trying to not grumble and complain. Unfortunately, on this issue as well, I am uncomfortable enough to not try very hard. That is one reason I haven't blogged as much recently. I am usually tired and crabby. So I am either resting or not in the mood to post anything witty. I hope one day soon that we will be posting about our beautiful baby soon. I know I will be feeling better then. That and my family won't laugh at me while I try to tie my shoes!