Monday, December 17, 2007


n. a combination of circumstances or a result that is opposite of what might be expected or considered appropriate.

Not too long ago I won some books, wonderful books. The books titles are all something like "Clutter's Last Stand" and "Make Your House Do the Work." I have six children, a medium size house and not a whole lotta storage room. I am constantly recycling to the thrift store, making the children PUT THINGS WHERE THEY BELONG, and assigning various chores to be done. The irony is that these wonderful books are sitting in a pile of to-be-put-away-when-I-find-a-space. They also seem to be wandering since the boys think the cartoons in the book are hysterical.

In my defense, I do have all of my Christmas things finished, delivered or in the mail. I have made cookies with the children. We made goodies to deliver to neighbors. We have read together, played games together etc. I am also due tomorrow with our seventh baby. I am trying not to feel badly that it is 10:00a.m. and I am still in my jammies. I think it is better to observe the irony and laugh rather than compare myself to my perception of other "perfect" homeschool moms. I might have to include some of this stuff in our next poll:)

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