Tuesday, January 26, 2010

How I Feel Some Days

There are days and then THERE ARE DAYS. Somedays I am happily puttering along...School is going well, I am on top of the laundry, dinner is bubbling in the crockpost before 10 am...all things that make me feel that all is going well. Usually that is when my ball is violently ripped out from under me and the sharks tear it apart. I do realize, in my inner most being and saner part, that humility is a better place to be. Still after a week like last week, I identify with this picture of Nigel. He is, in fact, my new profile picture for Facebook.
Take for instance this Saturday. I woke up to a gloriously beautiful day. Helped my oldest son learn how to make pancakes and was planning a wonderful day. My plans included cleaning, baking, painting girlies' nails and walking down to visit a sweet family's new house. As I was sitting with my husband, eating breakfast THAT little fantasy was shattered. I experienced horrible pain in my right side that left me writhing in agony (I am told I have a high pain-tolerance) and expelling everything I had eaten since Thanksgiving 2002. So instead of realizing my simple dreams for the day I got to visit our local ER. I did get a CT scan. Never had one of those before. It revealed that I passed a kidney stone. I enjoy doing new things, but I do believe the CT scan thrill was not enough to make me think it was worth this whole thing. Yeesh. I mean seriously. I could have used the money towards a better thing like a new washer.
As if the kidney stone was NOT enough...They sent me home with some medication that lowers your blood pressure. So I had a hard time getting going on my bike ride. I had a less-than-lovely run-in some some punk kids on the bike ride (don't worry, I'm fine although very upset with them). The worst part was that my washing machine quit in the middle of the spin cycle. I am almost destitute without my washer. The ole gal is being replaced (sniff, sniff). Okay, the REALLY worst part was that I put clean sheets on my bed. My husband makes me a cup of coffee in the morning and brings it to me in bed while I do my morning devotionals. THEN I SPILLED THAT WONDERFUL, PERFECT CUP OF COFFEE ON MY CLEAN SHEETS, COMFORTER COVER AND FLUFFY, WARM BATHROBE!!!!! Did I mention that my washer doesn't work?????
I need to be peeled off of the window and fed nice doses of chocolate (preferably dark with a hint of orange or even milk chocolate as long as it is Lindt and contains hazelnuts). Otherwise I might be found wimpering underneath something soon....

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

New Beginnings

It is always nice to have retreats, new beginnings...

You know, something to get us out of our ruts. I am definately a rut-type person. I just spent a wonderful weekend away with my husband and some dear folks from church. I didn't think the timing was great: a few weeks after Christmas with all the money that usually involves and after a week + lay-off for my husband. Yet again, God proves that His timing is perfect and my perception incorrect. Most folks make New Year's resolutions. I used to. I try now to have attainable goals.

This year's retreat gave me a healthy dose of perspective. I truly believe that if we take the time to cultivate and enjoy a helping of perspective it cuts down on our dishes of crow. Perspective takes quite a bit more in preperation. Crow seems to be a dish that we are welcome to choke down often and quickly. Like the difference between dining at Alexander's, where the trout can be caught fresh from the pond and enjoyed with fresh organic vegetables from their garden, and ordering something you can "super-size" and have in less than five minutes.

My big, over-arching goal for the new year is to see and savor Christ (hmmmm....where did I get that concept....anyone...anyone....). Under that umbrella, I desire to Find the Hero in my Husband (#1 wish list book!!!!!). I want get to know my children more and prayerfully help them maximize their gifts and minimize their shortcomings. I hope that God will form us into a beautifully functioning unit that enables us to be a part of what God is doing in our church, in our valley....

O.S.L.S. (Our Sovereign Lord's Ship) Heath has been overhauled and rerigged this last year. We shall see what adventures are out there. "Now bring me that horizon!"