Thursday, February 28, 2008

A little crazed...

Okay...I got a little crazed with the Tim Hawkins thing. I blew it trying to post a You Tube video and then I figured out what had happened. Now I have two of the same video on our blog. So is the life when one is playing with technology beyond one's real grasp of that knowledge. Still I hope folks will enjoy these videos. We thought they were quite funny.

Kids' Rock by Tim Hawkins

And yet more Tim Hawkins...

Tim Hawkins - Cletus Take the Reel

Some more Tim Hawkins...

Tim Hawkins - GPS

Okay, I am trying to get this to post. I think I fixed it. The Redneck GPS is how folk give directions around here. We first saw Tim Hawkins with the hysterical homeschool video. He has lots more where that came from. He is a good reminder that we can be funny as christians. He is talented too.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Some People's Houses

Now if "1 boy = 1 brain, 2 boys = 1/2 a brain, and 3 boys = no brain at all" then what do six equal? A whole lotta fun if it involves camouflage outfits, guns and lots of territory to run and scream!

We picked up our new van this weekend. We parlayed that into a visit with the Engstroms that happen to live in that area. Unfortunately our trip was cut short because of illness. Oh well, it happens when you have a bunch of little ones.

It has been my hair-raising experience with children to visit different folks' houses. Some people have expensive knick knacks in breakfronts that are all about eye or elbow level with children. They have expensive furniture that nobody ever really sits on. These houses leave my heart pounding and me short of breath for the whole visit. Then there is the other extreme. The houses that you would much rather wait until the next McDonald's in order to use the restroom. There are houses which are that nice, happy medium.

Our friends that we visited have such a house. The children are safe to run and play. I was not afraid if I lost sight of a child for a little while. The food was good except we didn't get to sample the asparagus:) The children all pitched in and cleaned after the meals. It was a comfortable weekend.

I hope that our house falls into this catagory. I would like people to feel comfortable using the bathroom, but I also hope that my children will have fond memories of family fun too.

Love is in the air

We set our table for our traditional Valentine's Tea. I read some where about buying tea setting from the thrift store. Then the little ones can participate in the tea party. I did that a few years ago. The tea pots are special, but everything else came from Goodwill. We had a lovely tea. Oma came as well as our nicest neighbor. I can say that because technically speaking she is our only neighbor:) We do have many wonderful people in our neighborhood.

The Ole Daddy Rabbit provided the roses. The red one was for me while the pink and white ones were for the girls. The boys got sweethearts candy. Everyone shared. The next day two children helped me wash and dry ALL the dishes we had used the previous day. One tea cup got broken, but that is why we use thrift store cups instead of grandma's china. Actually, I don't know if my grandma owned expensive china. Still I am happy to go replace our fifty cent investment. It is a small monetary investment for priceless memories.

We have most of the roses hung upside down to dry. Each girl got her own rose hung up with ribbon by her bed. I think drying flowers on the wall adds a lovely ambience to the home. Maybe that will be another poll: What do you do with your leftover flowers? I have found that my dandelion bouquets don't tend to do so well.

I am still not able to figure out how to post our "Love Story" without retyping it into blogger form. If you skip over to the Engstroms' blog you can read it there. Karen figured out how to post it from an e-mail. When I get time to figure it out I will still do that.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Blogging with one hand tied behind my back

Okay, how about with a baby in my arms.

We have a new van! It is paid for and we just have to go pick it up. We have a fun weekend planned around that too. How exciting!

Happy Valentine's Day to all our friends and family.

Thursday, February 07, 2008

Odds and Ends

Our children think that it is sad that most children only get to dress up for Halloween. One of the beauties of homeschool is that my children dress up when ever they want to. I do capitalize on the after-Halloween sales. I usually buy colored hair spray, glow sticks, face-paint and costumes for very cheap prices. Then I keep them around for everyday fun. This picture shows our alien and princesses. I love to encourage their imagination.

Another little tidbit is The Engstroms are having a love story contest. It encouraged me to write our story. I now have to figure out how to save it and upload for our blog. What a wonderful thing to write about. We need to tell our stories over and over again. We need to tell them for us to remember and for our children to know the providence of God. It also reminds me how wonderful, smart and handsome my husband was and is. So why don't you check out our friends' blog, it is listed in the sidebar. Also why don't you pour some coffe or tea and looked at your beloved and remember all those reasons that you married them. Then even better, tell it to your kids.

Friday, February 01, 2008

That takes care of that.

Our three year old is washing dishes. I didn't make her. She just wanted to play in the sink with water and bubbles. She actually isn't doing too bad of a job either. So she gets to play, my dishes only need to be redone a little bit (thus saving me some work) and the floor gets washed. This is my daughter that when her physical capabilities catch up with her determination she will put me out of a job. Her daddy calls her "Tiger" with good reason. I have learned/am learning that there are so many things that cause irritation or joy. It all depends on how it is handled. I guess I could have gotten mad at her for wanting to get into the dishes and make a mess. Instead I set her up with the soap and took the knives out so she couldn't hurt herself. Viola! Good memories for both of us. One day my house will be clean and uncluttered. I will also be bored and bug my children to bring the grandkids over. I might as well figure out how blessed I am now.

Tonight we have a girlie night planned while the menfolk are away at a hunter's banquet tonight. My Ole Daddy Rabbit isn't really into hunting, but one of the main speakers is a dear friend of ours. The are going to lend support (read make weird faces at him while he is speaking) and eat free food. I hope it all goes well. We certainly are planning on having fun. Can't miss with the company and the goodies.