Thursday, February 26, 2009

It is snowing.

I thought the snow had decided to stay at higher elevations. I thought we would GO to the snow...and then come back. Yet again I thought wrong.

I do love the snow when it settles in its pristine, white, glittering beauty across my lawn. It covers all the ugliness of the muddy, yucky mess out there. I am reminded how God makes our sins, that were as scarlet, white as snow. Then the children want to go out and play in it. They need to get bundled. We have to find matching gloves, or at least gloves that are the same size if not color. Then we have to find matching socks, or at least ones that are the same size. We get everyone ready to go outside. Then the little ones play for 5 minutes only to come back in saying they're cold. Then we take everything off and hang it up around the fire place to dry. All the while I am reminding myself that this time IS fleeting. My baby is 14 months old today. I try to remember that it seemed like yesterday when my oldest was that age. I would like to say that I am winning the battle against the demon of discontent, but alas and alack I am irritated at the snow and extra work it means. I am grumbling...I need another cup of coffee...I am wondering if it is not too out of line to eat chocolate and put a video on for the children...

Actually...I will get my act together, get the house warm, get school done and get dressed and all that stuff. My handsome, hard-working hubby will be home about 11:30 and I do want him to come home to a snug, inviting home. So here goes....

Friday, February 13, 2009

No Comparison

I was just updating my Expectant Mother's Prayer List. It dawned on me how all of them have either had a homebirth or are planning one. I also read some of the First Born birth stories from my facebook. I have also just been through surgery where I was just a number. It all puts into perspective how truly blessed the midwifery experience is. I had my first in a hospital with a CNM and it was a fine experience. Then I had my second with our incredible midwife. It is like the difference between gourmet fine dining with the perfect wine and McDonald's! The irony is the gourmet experience is financially cheaper! Hmmmm....Do you want fries with that #8976509867-987? That will be $689.00!(They don't HAVE to say please here). Or...Is everything to your statisfaction? May I pour you some more of this wonderful wine? Could I interest you in a fabulous dessert? (Your bill is discretely placed by your bedside or sent to your address in a lovely envelope) Total: $10.00! And a note-Thank you for letting me be a part of your birth experience.

I think most folks choose McDonald's because they don't know it can be different. After you have experienced the royal treatment, you certainly don't want to go any other way. Trust me, fast food is hard to return to.