Friday, February 13, 2009

No Comparison

I was just updating my Expectant Mother's Prayer List. It dawned on me how all of them have either had a homebirth or are planning one. I also read some of the First Born birth stories from my facebook. I have also just been through surgery where I was just a number. It all puts into perspective how truly blessed the midwifery experience is. I had my first in a hospital with a CNM and it was a fine experience. Then I had my second with our incredible midwife. It is like the difference between gourmet fine dining with the perfect wine and McDonald's! The irony is the gourmet experience is financially cheaper! Hmmmm....Do you want fries with that #8976509867-987? That will be $689.00!(They don't HAVE to say please here). Or...Is everything to your statisfaction? May I pour you some more of this wonderful wine? Could I interest you in a fabulous dessert? (Your bill is discretely placed by your bedside or sent to your address in a lovely envelope) Total: $10.00! And a note-Thank you for letting me be a part of your birth experience.

I think most folks choose McDonald's because they don't know it can be different. After you have experienced the royal treatment, you certainly don't want to go any other way. Trust me, fast food is hard to return to.


Michele @ Frugal Granola said...

You are so sweet to add us all to your prayers. Thank you! I hope you are recovering well.

Definitely no "mcdonalds" for me! (And sisters don't let each other get mcdonalds, either- hehe!) :)


Rebecca said...

Excellent comparison.

Although I am a sucker for McD's French fries once in a great while.

Michele @ Frugal Granola said...

Oh, I will admit to a hankering for their soft-serve ice cream at times, though. :) But since going gluten-free, I've had to decline that inclination. :)

Hope to see you all next weekend!


Heath Clan said...

I do have to admit that one pregnancy I HAD to have chicken nuggets. I would eat a whole twenty piece with sweet and sour sauce! I know it was one of those that I gained almost no weight and Laura kept telling me to go eat ice cream or something:)

Keilah said...

What a great comparison Mrs. Heath!


Kacey said...

Thank you for sharing your rich experiences with us poor, inexperienced young women...*back of hand to forhead accompanied with a sigh*...
I met Laura Wednesday and loved her like you said I would. I am looking forward to getting to know her better as my belly swells with child! I love you!

angiesrecipes said...

Kendra, I so wish I could have the home birth experience you talked about. It simply isn't an option for me here in Senegal. I've been bummed but have had to accept that having my first baby in another country, I can't fight the system. I'm glad my doctor was open to my non-invasive birth plan, and I hope she'll follow through with my requests, but you never know. One thing she explained to me is that, here, you don't have the luxury of waiting for a crisis to arise if you avoid intervention at all costs, b/c a blood transfusion isn't an option - not that I would want one anyway! I'd appreciate your prayers as we prepare for the big day - March 5 (give or take, of course!).

Heath Clan said...

I will definately be praying, Angie. There are so many times that things don't necessarily work how we have them planned. The main thing is to trust the Lord. God has you where He has you and that precious baby timed just right. He is big. When we focus on His bigness our problems seem small:) Blessings my friend.

Sharon said...

Great post Kendra. I wish I could have had such experiences. The closest I came was using the birthing room at YVMH when our youngest was born.
Angie, I too will be lifting you up in prayer. I agree with Kendra, our God is big--praise His Holy, Holy, Holy Name!