Monday, July 31, 2006

Still getting the hang of it.

I am still battling my computer handicap. I wanted to upload some gorgeous pictures of Mts. Rainier and Adams that a friend of ours took. Some how I am not getting them to come through as of yet. I am going to keep trying though. I am not going to let a computer get the best of me. Hopefully I can do it with a modicum of patience.

The temperatures have changed to completely pleasant here. The outdoors beckon so thus this shall be a short post.

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Ode to Jan's

How do I love thee?
Let me count the ways...

The Jan's I refer to is our local thrift store. It is officially called Jan's Lost and Found. My sister-in-law introduced me to this lovely store years ago. The only problem with Jan's, since they aren't allowed to smoke in there anymore, is that the experience ruins ordinary thrift stores like Goodwill. Jan's usually has several items that are advertised on their board for 10 cents. For example, yesterday all shoes, dresses and skirts were 10 cents. They also have a color posted and anything that is that color or contains that color is 10 cents. You get the gist of it.
Yesterday I scored some dresses for myself (it is very hard to find modest dresses that are the right size and that I can breastfeed in), some jeans for the boys, a couple pairs of shoes for the girls and some baby outfits for our latest model. The grand total was $3.43 (tax included). It just doesn't get any better. I don't think anyway.
Now you know why I am a Jan's junky.

Monday, July 24, 2006

A Thing of Beauty!

It may not look like much to many, but it truly is lovely. It actually isn't the visual effect that is so stunning. It is the audio effect. Not too long ago our sink lost pressure and started emitting a horrible noise akin to a jet taking off. Definately more annoying than a "squeaka, sqeuaka" from a wet binky. The noise would fluctuate from not too bad to extremely annoying while doing dishes. My wonderful husband took the entire thing apart to see what in the world could be wrong with it. The sprayer worked just fine the entire time without the noise. The dismantling process answered no questions so we have lived with the objectionable noise until this weekend. I bought a new faucet last payday. While my husband slaved over our bathroom project, his brother-in-law put in the new faucet. The lack of noise is truly a thing of beauty! I had to call a couple of friends to force them to listen to my sink. Of course, I had to call after I came home because I valiantly sacrificed and took all the kids to swim. It was so rough floating in the pool during our heat spell. If that is the sacrifice I have to make to have the house worked on then so be it. I will do it again if it is necessary. Lots of kudos to the two heroes of the hour-you know who you are!

Friday, July 21, 2006


I have some pictures of the kids so I can introduce them. I seem to be lacking in pictures of the adults. Hmmmm, maybe it is because I take most of the pictures when the hubby is busy slaving away supporting all of us. I found that I have to post each picture and comments in a different post. I couldn't figure out how to get pictures and comments to go together is just one post. I told you that I was techno-challenged.

Latest Model

This little girl was our only girl not born in September. She arrived on my Nana's birthday, though. That was kind of special. She has been quite a joy to have around. All her siblings love her and want to hold her and squeeze her and call her George (okay, maybe not the George part, but the rest is true).

Menace #2

This picture tells the whole story on this one. She is into everything. She does, however, live life to the fullest.

Menace #1

She really is very sweet. We just have to watch out that she doesn't "overlove" on the baby. She dotes on our latest model, but does not understand that she can't pack her around like a doll.


She was our first girl. She loves pink and tea parties.

Our SamBoy

His name is really an acronym S low
A s
M olasses
He is our thinker and is often lost in thought so he doesn't get going too quickly.


This picture is really pretty accurate. He is 8, but thinks he is 18 and ready to take on the world.

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Feel like dancing.

Now that I have some what gotten this thing to work I feel like dancing!!!!
I am having almost as much fun as a tornado in a trailer park:)

Trying to do the picture thing...

Now we will see if I can get the picture to display properly.

Technically Challenged

Well then...
Here we are the first ever post on the Heath Happenings. I did get the profile to change the way we wanted it. I am amazed that we have gotten as far as this. Now all I have to do is find a way to get the pictures and other things on here that I want. Now my computer friends can claim me again.

I sure hope no one is holding their breathe for an incredibly savvy website and intelligent posts. I don't know that we will ever have either, but I am trying. This is already a giant leap for the computerly challenged.