Monday, June 30, 2008

And the winner is.....


Yes, ladies and gentleman the one and only Bucca is the winner of our contest. She will receive a copy of the book For Women Only. This wonderful woman actually doesn't need much help when it comes to respecting her man, but hopefully she will enjoy owning and reading it.

Congratulations and thanks for your prayers.

Friday, June 27, 2008


This lil' beauty joined the Coghlan Family this morning. This brings their blessings to 1 boy and now 8 girls. Thank Heaven for little girls! We like the boys too. No matter their gender it is the beginning of an incredible love story the first time slapping eyes on them.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

The Mommy Card

I used to ask my mom how she knew so many things. Things like knowing we were messing with a no-no or eating something we shouldn't in the kitchen when she was in a different room with her back turned. She said the ability came with the mom card. Now I know it really was the fact that most no-nos are extremely loud. The rustle of contents in the fridge are also easily distinguished. This coupled with the fact that children think they are being noiseless when truly they are louder than a 747 taking off. Still my mom seemed to hear everything, see everything and know everything. I thought (and still do) that you got some cool abilities with that ole card.

We also hear much about "race cards" or "gender cards." I think the "mommy card" trumps 'em all whatever card you want to play. Probably not PC, but I am playing MY mommy card and it is MY family blog...

The man shown above said that his mother was the making of him. He is probably one of the best arguments for large families, stay-home moms and homeschooling. One of his famous inventions was supposedly finished on August 12, 1877. TODR and my anniversary is the same date except in 1995. What a cool coincidence! Anyone know who he is? Anyone know what the invention I reference is? I didn't know he was the inventor, but my boys did. Another argument for homeschooling.

Make sure you read our contest post!

Monday, June 23, 2008

A more fair contest

I have many thoughts rambling around in my brain. One is that I need to have a more fair contest here on our blog. So here goes...

Explanation: We are going to do the Love and Respect series at church in the month of July. From experience we know that when people step out to do ministry kind of things the devil likes to zoom in. We need to be in prayer. We need others to lift us up in prayer as we do this.

The Contest: Everyone that commits to pray for us everyday from July 12 to August 9 and leaves us a comment to let us know will be placed in the drawing. The contest begins now and will end Sunday, June 29th at midnight. Every entrant's name will be placed in the hat (or container) on Monday. A name will be drawn by the helper of the day. The contest is open to anyone and any age. One person, one entry, no limit per household. The prize will be an age/gender appropriate book.

Edit: I realized after I posted this that some of my devoted readers (you know who you are) are unable to leave a comment. I am ammending the comment portion of our contest. Anyone that leaves us a comment OR calls me to let me know that they will be praying for us will be eligible. I will add your name in the comments so everyone knows the odds. Is that better?

On your marks, get set, GO!

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Okay, okay, okay....

I answered it in the comments, but I guess I should write a post about it...

The answer was number 60! I have only had surgery of any kind once and it was to remove my gallbladder. I have never had laser surgery minor or major. I just thought about a couple of ladies I know that have had eyes laser surgeried (or whatever the proper verb of that would be). I also know a girl that had tattoos removed that way. So that is why that particular untruth popped into my head at the time.

The funny thing is that I thought that it would be kind of obvious. My husband had a hard time picking it out. My Bucca had a hard time figuring it out. My mom even struck out completely. I am not too sure what that means.

I do know that it means I owe no one blueberries:) Maybe I should come up with another contest. Something more fair. Other contests I have seen in the blogasphere usually include drawings. Maybe I should consider that tack.

There you are for all three of you that were holding your breath to find out the answer to our 134 post.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Fun Foot Friday

I have never been a big poetry fan. I do, however, quite enjoy alliteration (can you tell?). Dr. Seuss is right up my alley.

I am hereby declaring Fridays Fun Foot Fridays in the Heath Household. I so enjoy my foot massage stuff. I am also willing to share with the kiddos. I have non-scented cream for after foot bath massage. I also have some wild polish for the girls' toenails. Even the two year old likes to have her nails painted. I have found that toenail polish seems to hold up well on the little guys. I am probably starting some kind of foot fetish in our house, but it is another good memory maker. Maybe I like the foot stuff so much because I remember that being a treat way back when at my Nana's house. I also LOVE getting my hair washed at a salon.

Another little tidbit: I purchased an Elvis song I really like from itunes this morning. Do you want to know which one? I Can't Help Falling in Love With You. I have sung this song to each one of my precious children. I am not a big Elvis fan, but I do like that particular song. I like itunes as well because you can just purchase one song. I remember liking many a fine tune on the radio only to purchase the album and be greatly dissapointed with the rest of the songs. Now I can purchase the song I like, add it to my playlist and enjoy all "my" songs.

I also don't believe in "love at first sight," except when it comes to children. I fell in love with my children the first time I laid eyes on them. When it comes to a mate I think it is wise to consider whether he can love her as Christ loves the church and whether she can respect him as the leader of her home. I have come to believe in courtship and LOVE AND RESPECT before marriage. Some may argue with me, but we have one of the highest divorce rates in the world. Clearly we must re-evaluate our methods. Anyway...

We are off on another fun filled day. I think we definitely have precedence for foot washing, don't you?

Tuesday, June 17, 2008


My friend Bucca recently blogged 132 things about herself in honor of how many posts she had written. I think it was a great idea. Here is my challenge. This is post number 134 so if I am going to do it in the same way as she did I have to list 135 things about our family and one in there is not true. Then you get to guess. Hmmm. Let's see if I am up to the challenge:

1. I love crawling into bed with clean sheets (especially ones that have been dried out on a line).
2. I met the Ole Daddy Rabbit at his baptism when I was 18 and he was 25.
3. I never thought I would be a Baptist, but I am.
4. I was born the year of Roe v. Wade.
5. I have had 6 out of 7 children at home and all were born with a midwife.
6. We all have birthday buddies or something memorable about our birthdays: Our oldest boy and oldest girl are 10/4 and 9/4, second son and third daughter 6/22 and 9/22, second daughter and me 9/2 and 7/2, Ole Daddy Rabbit and his grandma 9/11 and 10/11, the firecracker girl was born 5/17 on my Nana's birthday and our latest model was born 12/26 during a black-out and a major snow-storm! Of course, her birthday buddy would be Jesus:)
7. My hair is dark brown, straight and long (okay, I am starting to get some gray) and my eyes are green.
8. My mom lives four houses down from us and I am so thankful to have "free" babysitting these days. I really hope to not ever take her for granted.
9. I have always done well in English, but I struggled with math. For some stupid reason the public school system thinks that if you are "gifted" (whatever that means) in one area that you should be in Honors everything. I would plot something in Advanced Math on the computer and everyone else's would come out correctly and mine would be screwy. I hated that class. I felt better when I got into regular math.
10. My favorite book of all time is Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen.
11. My favorite movie is While You Were Sleeping with Sandra Bullock and Bill Pullman.
12. I think Bill Pullman is kind of cute while I can't understand a friend of mine's opinion of Richard Gere (her husband is a decent looking chap so I know she doesn't have completely bad taste).
13. Every time I hear my children's heart-felt prayers I cry. I try to be inconspicuous about it especially at corporate prayer time.
14. I am realizing more and more how fleeting time is with our children. I wish I had spent more time holding, rocking, and cuddling my older ones. I am determined to not let anymore opportunities pass us by.
15. I like a little known christian artist by the name of Julie Miller. My husband and most of my friends don't understand my interest. I am okay with that.
16. My favorite movie as a child was Star Wars. I had Star Wars sheets and Star Wars action figures.
17. My mom wouldn't let me have a light sabre or blaster gun. She didn't let us have "violent weapons."
18. Number 17 is okay because my hubby bought me a .410 Stoeger, double-barrell, double-trigger shotgun for my last birthday. I love owning a gun even if I don't use it much.
19. Annie Oakley is a heroine of mine.
20. Other heroines include Joni Eareckson Tada, Carmon Friedrich, Stacy McDonald, Denise Sproul, and my mom.
21. My children each have six siblings, but I only had one.
22. My children have eight cousins on their daddy's side and none on mine.
23. I have no first cousins.
24. The Lord touched my life when I was 14. He used a man named Doug Croucher. He was a man that walked what he talked. I will forever be grateful for him in my life.
25. I went to Africa when I was 16. The country of Malawi to be exact.
26. I went to Hawaii and then Russia when I was 18.
27. I have tried caviar, champagne and Swiss chocolate. Of these "finer" things in life I only understand the chocolate:)
28. I would like to visit 6 of the 7 continents on the earth before I die. Antarctica doesn't excite me.
29. I have been to 3 so I am half way to that goal.
30. I had to look up how to spell Antarctica.
31. We have given out mini-Heath bars for all of our girls to announce their births. We couldn't find them for the boys now they are everywhere.
32. My husband doesn't care for Heath bars. 3 Musketeers is more up his alley.
33. My favorite chocolate bar right now is Newman's Own Organic Dark Chocolate with Orange.
34. I have a Whirley Pop and I LOVE popcorn made this way. Microwave doesn't cut it anymore.
35. The last movie I saw in the theatre was Prince Caspian.
36. We own all the Pixar movies except Ratatoullie.
37. I don't know if I spelled Ratatoullie right or not. I am thinking not, but I can't find it in the dictionary. Moving on.
38. I love the movie The Quiet Man, but no other John Wayne movies appeal to me.
39. Some samples of the movies we own: A&E's Pride and Prejudice, Victoria and Albert, A Knight's Tale, Captains Courageous and Victory at Sea.
40. I have worked at Sears' Watch Repair, Clothworld, As a Nanny, Great Western Bank and Kindercare.
41. My current job of wife and mom is the best and most challenging. It keeps me on my knees the most. That is the best place to be and the hardest for my fallen nature.
42. I love my husband's blue eyes. They are what I noticed about him first.
43. I am a very blessed woman. I currently live with eight of my biggest blessings.
44. I have gotten fireworks for my birthday not once, but twice.
45. I am not fond of fireworks as birthday gifts.
46. I love garage-saling, but as of yet have never had one.
47. The only piece of furniture in our house that was bought new is our bed. Everything else was either bought second-hand, was free second-hand or a gift.
48. I have never really liked pink, but it has been growing on me since our girls are pink freaks. I have even contemplated purchasing some brown and pink combo. things for me.
49. I really like shoes, but hardly ever wear them.
50. I own a foot massager and have started using it on a weekly basis. Of course, I have to share with the kiddos. I even have some special Sea Salt to use with it. I purchased some special non-scented cream to rub on afterwards so the boys can do it too.
51. A foot massage is my idea of bliss.
52. Our first date my husband made me dinner and massaged my feet.
53. Our first date my husband burned the chicken on the outside and it was raw on the inside. Today he is one of the meanest chicken BBQers I know. Yum-yum!
54. I feel pretty when I have my toes painted.
55. I like toe-rings and wild skirts. I think they are fun.
56. I have a tattoo of a cross on my back.
57. My first car was a '78 Ford Fiesta named Felix.
58. My friends made up a funny song about my car to the tune of Felix the Cat.
59. I have had my gallbladder removed.
60. I have had minor laser surgery done (I am not going to mention why).
61. I have been pregnant for 67 months of my life which translates into over 5 and a half years. Which translates into almost half of our marriage.
62. I have breastfed for almost 4 years. You can do the math with us celebrating 13 years this August:)
63. One of my favorite sounds is my husband laughing especially with the kids.
64. I love when my husband dances with the kids. He puts on his 70's and 80's music and they all boogey. It is fun. I know it will be one of our cherished family memories.
65. I think my husband is smart. He doesn't think he is smart, but thinks his wife is. I don't think she is as smart as he thinks. We have great discussions though usually about theology.
66. My husband and I agree on the Sovereignty of God, all points of doctrine, John Piper, R.C. Sproul and Joni Eareckson Tada.
67. We do NOT agree on Miracle Whip, Tuna Casserole or Brussel Sprouts.
68. We love the beach.
69. I like Sunflowers because I think they are cheerful.
70. I think it is possible to go overboard with Sunflowers.
71. I have 6 blueberry bushes and 2 rose bushes that seem to be doing well despite my black thumb.
72. We have a cat name Sally that my husband made fun of me for paying $30.00 for. He loves that cat and she loves him. She is a great hunter and pal.
73. We had a dog named Grizzly. I wish I had been sweeter to my husband about that unfortunate animal. He did not turn out to be as good of a deal as the cat even if was "free." We will not enumerate on his bad habits here.
74. I have a hard time sharing deep secrets for fear of being made fun of.
75. I can sew and crochet, but I don't have the time for that now.
76. I can't knit.
77. I love when people ask me if I made my daughters' darling dresses and handmade sweaters that they usually sport at church. Of course! That is what I do in my spare time. That is a joke! I have no spare time. My mom is the creator of the lovely handmade outfits.
78. Jesus is not my crutch. He is my life support system.
79. The year I turned 19 I lost three people in death. A friend summed it up well when he said, "That sucks."
80. I think some people are a little too uptight when it comes to some words like sucks and crap.
81. I think some people are not uptight enough when it comes to using the Lord's name in vain and modesty.
82. I have read Harry Potter, Left Behind, The Lord of the Rings Trilogy and all of The Chronicles of Narnia.
83. I didn't care for Left Behind or The Lord of the Rings.
84. I know admissions in numbers 82 and 83 might tweek out people that I love and respect.
85. I have gone through the Eggerichs' Love and Respect 3 times now. This July will be four. Maybe God is saying something to us!
86. While my husband and I like tools like Desiring God and Love and Respect we know that they are not the final authority as are the Scriptures.
87. As of today 6/17/2008 my husband can quote up to Chapter 2 verse 18 of Romans.
88. As of the same day I can quote three verses of the first chapter of Romans.
89. Our second son can quote up to Chapter one verse 16.
90. Our oldest son can quote up to verse nine of Chapter one.
91. I have taught three children to read so far.
92. I can use a "honey bucket" without sitting on the seat or touching anything except the door handle with my hands even when I am 8 months pregnant.
93. I prefer wearing skirts, but it doesn't work well when riding a bike.
94. I like biking.
95. My husband would like to get a bike like they have at the beach. You know the canopied kind so we could all go biking as a family. I think that would be really cool.
96. With gas prices going up #95 might be a very practical idea.
97. I love my 12-seater van that we call The Pickle. It is so roomy and comfortable even if a bit hard on the gas.
98. I like coffee with sweetner and cream. I like green tea and most fruit teas.
99. I do not like chamomile tea.
100. My favorite candy used to be red and white striped peppermints.
101. After my first pregnancy when I ate and drank lots of peppermint because of my queasy tummy I don't care for peppermint.
102. My husband and children like the sweet and sour candies while I think chocolate is the only legitimate candy.
103. When given their choice of ice cream...
The Ole Daddy Rabbit: Tillamook Vanilla Bean
104. Mine would be Tillamook Chocolate and Peanut Butter
105. Oldest Son would be Chocolate.
106. Second Son chooses Blackberry.
107. Oldest Daughter goes for Strawberry (I think it is because it is pink not for flavor necessarily).
108. The younger girls all go back and forth between chocotate, vanilla and strawberry. Neopolitan was made for such folk.
109. I could happily be a vegetarian.
110. My husband would not be a happy vegetarian.
111. I am the only one in my house that likes soy milk.
112. We all like artichokes. Everyone likes melted butter except I have taken to garlic mayo for dipping.
113. My mom didn't let us have cereal if sugar was in the first four ingredients when I was a kid.
114. That same mom wanted to feed my precious first-born child ice cream when he was a baby.
115. I have loosened up enough to not think ice cream offered by a grandparent to be a big deal.
116. When we first got married my husband said he wanted a baseball team. If you count the parents then we have achieved this goal.
117. Before I got married I never thought we would have a baseball team, but God changed my heart about children.
118. My husband is the oldest of four children; two boys and two girls.
119. My husband is still close to his sister just under him. They spend 11 days a year being the same age. They irritate each other the most, but stick by each other the most.
120. I used to pray for a "hedge of protection" around people, but can't bring myself to do it since seeing Tim Hawkins on that subject.
121. I have a hard time with the song Refiner's Fire. My friend, Yutaka, in YWAM made a funny song about it. I can't sing it with a straight face.
122. My husband makes me laugh. Sometimes in not socially acceptable places. Goofy guy. He does a great rendition of "Jesus Freak."
123. My husband can do a very hilarious dance.
124. My husband wore a hideous maternity shirt I had been given to model its atrociousness to friends over for dinner once.
125. I am not musically gifted while my husband and children are.
126. I am gifted when it comes to cooking and letter writing while my husband isn't (with the exception of the grill).
127. My husband thinks I am beautiful and is great about letting me know that.
128. I think my husband is more handsome now than he was when we got married.
129. I like getting new clothes, but I hate buying new tennis shoes.
130. I don't like shopping, but I do like being able to do it from my computer.
131. I love having pictures of events and have a great camera.
132. I often forget to take pictures of events because I am so involved with the people to remember to do it. I am getting better though.
133. I don't have it together, but am learning that it is okay. I am also learning that it might be used more by God because it shows our dependence on Him and others see our imperfections and feel more comfortable.
134. I hate plastic on furniture and on walkways.
135. I pray for family and friends often because I have their names and Bible verses tacked all over my house. Yes, even in the bathroom. I desire to pray more because I know that a relationship with God is the most important. My husband and I both agree that we are smitten by His love shown to us on the cross and hope to "never get over it."

Okay, that wasn't as hard as I thought. Maybe because my thoughts are usually random anyway. Please, leave a comment on what you think.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

What we have been up to.

I had trouble with my camera so it turned out a little red and wasn't exactly the shot I wanted. We had a wonderful family over for dinner one night. My husband has made a window box seat for us. The children are all sitting on it. My oldest boy was reading a story to all the little ones. Our friends' son was going to sleep on his shoulder. It was really precious. Unfortunately, I got the camera and had some technical difficulty so I didn't get THAT particularly sweet shot, but I tried.

Last week we finished up school with the boys going for annual testing. We will still be reading and doing devotions, but those I consider necessities in life. The boys had to be up and out of the house at 7:00 each morning for three mornings. A lady from church carpooled them out there. What a blessing! The boys both did extremely well on their testing. I don't mean that they both scored way above average or anything. The scores don't mean as much to me as their attitude. They got ready to go in the mornings. They both did their best on the tests. The one that had gone to testing before is getting a better hang on taking tests. They were both well-behaved. We were very proud of both of them. We rewarded them with that highly educational game: BATTLESHIP!

Last week, while the boys were at testing, I started cleaning stuff out so we can have a garage sale. Where did we get so much stuff? Now my laundry room is cleaned out, under the stairs is cleaned out, the children's rooms are cleaned out, my closet is cleaned out...
Now where is all the stuff that is waiting to be sorted? You guessed it-my room. Oh well. It will get done. If we ever get some warmer weather. Yesterday I actually asked my husband to build a fire. It felt really good too. (I am tired of rain and am ready for some nicer weather:)

Saturday we cleaned and sorted as well. We are getting stuff done for doing a five week thing with Love and Respect this summer. Sunday we had church and the Second Sunday Soup and Social. Then family came over to visit. The menfolk sat around a fire and enjoyed a message by John Piper. We womenfolk walked down to Oma's for a visit.

Monday the Ole Daddy Rabbit had a chiropractor appointment out town. Oma watched some kiddos. We also took the opportunity to do our once a month grocery shopping. Prices are creeping up, but I was really struck how much so at the bread store. I am rethinking how I might actually make our bread now. I have this summer to try to get that into our routine.

Tuesday we went to a Kick off for Summer BBQ sponsored by a Don't Drink and Drive program. There were lots of sherriffs there. My boys think they are soooooo cool. One of the sherriffs is a great man that attends our church. He is quite the hero as far as the boys are concerned. Hey, free food and some fun activities and home at a decent hour...not too bad. I asked the children what they liked best: 2 of them liked the seatbelt crashing (the sherriff department has a "ride" that demonstrates why it is good to wear a seatbelt), 3 liked the Jolly Jump, and 1 liked the sherriffs. Tiny Tim didn't really have an opinion. Oma seemed very impressed with the Great Horned Owl. A sherriff had it on a gloved arm. It was tame enough that even our Firecracker got to stroke it. I liked the free food and I didn't have to clean up afterwards. I think the jury is still out on the Ole Daddy Rabbit.

I used to be more of a perfectionist. Everything had to be just so. I could get away with it when I only had two children and they were young enough not to do school. These days with 7 children and homeschool responsibilities I have been forced to evaluate the priorities. I do believe we all need structure and discipline. If we don't have that the house/family will blow apart. All of our children have chores that they are responsible for. The older ones each have a younger buddy that they help out (help them brush their teeth, find jackets and shoes, get in their carseats etc.). That said...

I want my children to look back at their childhood and have good memories. Now memories can't be purchased. They have to be made. They are not made by sitting in front of the boob tube or without any effort from the parents. I wish those were true. I am finding that most things in life are simple, but not easy.

Some things we have planned for this summer:
-The boys are going to Bible Smugglers.
-A wonderful friend has a birthday coming up and I would like to do something with her.
-A special boy's birthday. He wants to camp out (if it isn't raining we will let him sleep in the tent outside with the Ole Daddy Rabbit and some friends). We have s'mores makings already.
-We are going to our friends' house for Fourth of July weekend. We expect to have a blast. Quite literally since PapaPyro is doing the fireworks.
-We are going to the NW Trek with a generous lady from church.
-We are going to try to make it to the Blueback submarine at the Oregon Museum in Portland.
- I hope the Ole Daddy Rabbit is planning something fun for our anniversary:)(Edit: The Ole Daddy Rabbit has gone above and beyond my expectations. He has booked a hotel at a beach in Newport with a jacuzzi in the room! I am breathless with anticipation!)
-The boys have an invitation to go camping. We have lots of invitations to go visiting folk that we HAVE to take advantage of.

Good hard work coupled with friend, family and fun. That builds community contrary to what the school bond propaganda signs said. I am hoping to have a great summer that is full of memories. What are you planning on doing this summer?

I like blogging.

I like blogging because...

...somedays when things are hectic I think about how I would blog about the situation and gain some perspective.

...I have found quite a few like-minded folk and friends through it. kids can read it and it is soooooo much easier than scrap-booking (less messy too). hones my writing skills so someday I might be able to co-author a book:)

So after getting a bunch of necessary things done I am sitting down to post some tidbits.