Wednesday, June 25, 2008

The Mommy Card

I used to ask my mom how she knew so many things. Things like knowing we were messing with a no-no or eating something we shouldn't in the kitchen when she was in a different room with her back turned. She said the ability came with the mom card. Now I know it really was the fact that most no-nos are extremely loud. The rustle of contents in the fridge are also easily distinguished. This coupled with the fact that children think they are being noiseless when truly they are louder than a 747 taking off. Still my mom seemed to hear everything, see everything and know everything. I thought (and still do) that you got some cool abilities with that ole card.

We also hear much about "race cards" or "gender cards." I think the "mommy card" trumps 'em all whatever card you want to play. Probably not PC, but I am playing MY mommy card and it is MY family blog...

The man shown above said that his mother was the making of him. He is probably one of the best arguments for large families, stay-home moms and homeschooling. One of his famous inventions was supposedly finished on August 12, 1877. TODR and my anniversary is the same date except in 1995. What a cool coincidence! Anyone know who he is? Anyone know what the invention I reference is? I didn't know he was the inventor, but my boys did. Another argument for homeschooling.

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Rebecca said...


I've been sitting here trying to figure out what TODR stands for. DUH, I finally got it and had to laugh out loud. I'm just a bit slow.

And I only know who this gentleman is because of Google. What would life be like without Google?