Friday, June 20, 2008

Fun Foot Friday

I have never been a big poetry fan. I do, however, quite enjoy alliteration (can you tell?). Dr. Seuss is right up my alley.

I am hereby declaring Fridays Fun Foot Fridays in the Heath Household. I so enjoy my foot massage stuff. I am also willing to share with the kiddos. I have non-scented cream for after foot bath massage. I also have some wild polish for the girls' toenails. Even the two year old likes to have her nails painted. I have found that toenail polish seems to hold up well on the little guys. I am probably starting some kind of foot fetish in our house, but it is another good memory maker. Maybe I like the foot stuff so much because I remember that being a treat way back when at my Nana's house. I also LOVE getting my hair washed at a salon.

Another little tidbit: I purchased an Elvis song I really like from itunes this morning. Do you want to know which one? I Can't Help Falling in Love With You. I have sung this song to each one of my precious children. I am not a big Elvis fan, but I do like that particular song. I like itunes as well because you can just purchase one song. I remember liking many a fine tune on the radio only to purchase the album and be greatly dissapointed with the rest of the songs. Now I can purchase the song I like, add it to my playlist and enjoy all "my" songs.

I also don't believe in "love at first sight," except when it comes to children. I fell in love with my children the first time I laid eyes on them. When it comes to a mate I think it is wise to consider whether he can love her as Christ loves the church and whether she can respect him as the leader of her home. I have come to believe in courtship and LOVE AND RESPECT before marriage. Some may argue with me, but we have one of the highest divorce rates in the world. Clearly we must re-evaluate our methods. Anyway...

We are off on another fun filled day. I think we definitely have precedence for foot washing, don't you?


Michele said...

Wow, that sounds really nice! :) I usually do a bubble bath on Fridays or Saturdays.

I got your e-mail (about your e-mail account). :) I totally agree! I've been looking at It was recommended to me by a friend. So far, I haven't seen any ads, but I'm still investigating it. Let me know if you do. :)

Enjoy your day!

Rebecca said...

Hey Friend,

I have some foot cream that I never use. Do you want it? It smells really good but I have no use for it. So I'll happily donate it to the Heath Household Fun Foot Friday.

I hope you had a wonderful day. I still miss you.

I think I might take a look at your list again. Hurry up and give us the answer.