Saturday, June 21, 2008

Okay, okay, okay....

I answered it in the comments, but I guess I should write a post about it...

The answer was number 60! I have only had surgery of any kind once and it was to remove my gallbladder. I have never had laser surgery minor or major. I just thought about a couple of ladies I know that have had eyes laser surgeried (or whatever the proper verb of that would be). I also know a girl that had tattoos removed that way. So that is why that particular untruth popped into my head at the time.

The funny thing is that I thought that it would be kind of obvious. My husband had a hard time picking it out. My Bucca had a hard time figuring it out. My mom even struck out completely. I am not too sure what that means.

I do know that it means I owe no one blueberries:) Maybe I should come up with another contest. Something more fair. Other contests I have seen in the blogasphere usually include drawings. Maybe I should consider that tack.

There you are for all three of you that were holding your breath to find out the answer to our 134 post.


Michele said...

Haha! :) Sneaky!

#60 sounded so "personal" that nobody would even think to touch that one (at least in an online comment!). :) Reading it, I assumed you must have had some kind of embarrassing skin tag removed or something.

This was great! It was fun to learn so many new things about you. Thanks! :)

Rebecca said...

Ya know...I actually considered that one. But I remember you saying you are sometimes a private person and I thought..."Well maybe she just never told me about this." Like Michele, I thought maybe it was just too "personal". (Did I put the period in the right place?) Well I am glad that you get to keep the blueberries...and I'm glad that you haven't had to go through laser surgery. Speaking of blueberries, wanna set a date to go get some when they are ready?