Thursday, February 21, 2008

Some People's Houses

Now if "1 boy = 1 brain, 2 boys = 1/2 a brain, and 3 boys = no brain at all" then what do six equal? A whole lotta fun if it involves camouflage outfits, guns and lots of territory to run and scream!

We picked up our new van this weekend. We parlayed that into a visit with the Engstroms that happen to live in that area. Unfortunately our trip was cut short because of illness. Oh well, it happens when you have a bunch of little ones.

It has been my hair-raising experience with children to visit different folks' houses. Some people have expensive knick knacks in breakfronts that are all about eye or elbow level with children. They have expensive furniture that nobody ever really sits on. These houses leave my heart pounding and me short of breath for the whole visit. Then there is the other extreme. The houses that you would much rather wait until the next McDonald's in order to use the restroom. There are houses which are that nice, happy medium.

Our friends that we visited have such a house. The children are safe to run and play. I was not afraid if I lost sight of a child for a little while. The food was good except we didn't get to sample the asparagus:) The children all pitched in and cleaned after the meals. It was a comfortable weekend.

I hope that our house falls into this catagory. I would like people to feel comfortable using the bathroom, but I also hope that my children will have fond memories of family fun too.

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MamaK said...

Kendra, that brought tears to my eyes. What a sweet post. I promise you asparagus the next time you're up.