Thursday, February 21, 2008

Love is in the air

We set our table for our traditional Valentine's Tea. I read some where about buying tea setting from the thrift store. Then the little ones can participate in the tea party. I did that a few years ago. The tea pots are special, but everything else came from Goodwill. We had a lovely tea. Oma came as well as our nicest neighbor. I can say that because technically speaking she is our only neighbor:) We do have many wonderful people in our neighborhood.

The Ole Daddy Rabbit provided the roses. The red one was for me while the pink and white ones were for the girls. The boys got sweethearts candy. Everyone shared. The next day two children helped me wash and dry ALL the dishes we had used the previous day. One tea cup got broken, but that is why we use thrift store cups instead of grandma's china. Actually, I don't know if my grandma owned expensive china. Still I am happy to go replace our fifty cent investment. It is a small monetary investment for priceless memories.

We have most of the roses hung upside down to dry. Each girl got her own rose hung up with ribbon by her bed. I think drying flowers on the wall adds a lovely ambience to the home. Maybe that will be another poll: What do you do with your leftover flowers? I have found that my dandelion bouquets don't tend to do so well.

I am still not able to figure out how to post our "Love Story" without retyping it into blogger form. If you skip over to the Engstroms' blog you can read it there. Karen figured out how to post it from an e-mail. When I get time to figure it out I will still do that.

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