Friday, February 01, 2008

That takes care of that.

Our three year old is washing dishes. I didn't make her. She just wanted to play in the sink with water and bubbles. She actually isn't doing too bad of a job either. So she gets to play, my dishes only need to be redone a little bit (thus saving me some work) and the floor gets washed. This is my daughter that when her physical capabilities catch up with her determination she will put me out of a job. Her daddy calls her "Tiger" with good reason. I have learned/am learning that there are so many things that cause irritation or joy. It all depends on how it is handled. I guess I could have gotten mad at her for wanting to get into the dishes and make a mess. Instead I set her up with the soap and took the knives out so she couldn't hurt herself. Viola! Good memories for both of us. One day my house will be clean and uncluttered. I will also be bored and bug my children to bring the grandkids over. I might as well figure out how blessed I am now.

Tonight we have a girlie night planned while the menfolk are away at a hunter's banquet tonight. My Ole Daddy Rabbit isn't really into hunting, but one of the main speakers is a dear friend of ours. The are going to lend support (read make weird faces at him while he is speaking) and eat free food. I hope it all goes well. We certainly are planning on having fun. Can't miss with the company and the goodies.

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Rebecca said...

About Tiger...Gotta love that girl. She's a keeper. About girlie night??? When can we have another one? Huh, when?? That was a good time!