Sunday, December 30, 2007

Christmas Adventures

Here are some pictures from the past few days. We have had quite the adventuresome Christmas this year.

We currently have about 6 inches of snow and it is still snowing. We have had snow off and on since Christmas day. Our beautiful new baby decided to arrive at 8:30a.m. on the 26th.

Christmas saw us celebrating at Oma's house. Our oldest boy went home with family to spend the night at their house. We got home and got sort of organized with stuff. You know how sort of must be with six children's Christmas presents, left overs and snowsuits to put away. We were getting ready for bed that night when the power went out due to downed trees. We put the big girls and remaining son downstairs on the sleeper sofa because they had no night lights in their room. That Samboy did an awesome job of staying calm and helped his sisters too. We got power back around midnight.

The Ole Daddy Rabbit got up to go to work. He was informed that he needed to call our midwife and not go to work. We called the midwife once. We weren't going to go in quite yet. Then we found out we REALLY needed to go. We then lost power again. Our cell phone was down because it hadn't been plugged in. The Ole Daddy Rabbit raced to get Oma to stay with the other children. We called the midwife from the van because the car charger worked. It then took us two hours to make the trip. We passed some downed trees as well as a couple of cars that had slid off the side.

We made it there in one piece. Our midwife never lost power:) The power came back on at home. Timarie Joy arrived with one push. She has eclipsed her brother with the biggest baby status at 9lbs. 3oz. He still holds the record at 23" because she only measured 22".

Everyone is home and safe. We are snowbound right now. The Ole Daddy Rabbit built forts and had snow fights with all the kiddos (except the baby). You seem to have two choices when stuck together like this: You learn to love each other and work as a team or there is chaos. We seem to be choosing the former. All is good and we are thankful to God for that.


Rebecca said...

I am glad your bundle of joy is finally here. She's awesome. And, of course, so are you!!

MamaK said...

YAY!!! Welcome, sweet Timarie. You are beautiful, and God has chosen the BESTest family for you!!!

We hope to someday meet her, Heath Clan. Until then, stay warm and don't kill each other with snowballs!

Love, Karen, for all the E's

Valerie said...

Kendra! She is BEAUTIFUL!

Congratulations, my friend!