Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Steamy Gossip

The Ole Daddy Rabbit has a new job! He is still going to be working at the mill, but he has a new position. It is called Fuel Tending. It is working with the Steam Boiler that fuels the kilns. He is going to be challenged with learning new things. He will also get a chance at furthering his schooling. It is a great opportunity for him. We are so proud of him.

The schedule will take some getting used to as well as the extra time he might need for school. I know some people might be surprised, but I am such a rut person. I get things in a system and I have a hard time getting out. This is a good opportunity for me to learn to be more flexible (yet again). That seems to be the big lesson in my life: flexibility. I need to rely on the Lord so much more when life is not static. Life, in general, tends to throw us curves. Since I have six, almost seven, children and live in the backwoods you can imagine how curvy my life can be. Also if you consider that we engage in many atypical activities like homeschooling and homebirthing, we are in for quite the ride. We might as well break out the refreshments and revel in it.

We are soooo very proud of you. You are awesome. Good-on-ya!

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