Saturday, October 04, 2008

A Big Ten-Four

Eleven years ago I was still in labor with my oldest son at this time. I had been in labor since before midnight when my water broke. He wouldn't be born until 3:45pm. He is the only one I had in a hospital. Although I had some really nice midwives I think the hospital scene added to my anxiety and inability to progress. I ended up with pitocin. It was my longest labor as well.

I finally pushed out a 7lbs. 13oz., 19 and 1/2" long incredible miracle. I will never forget the incredible sensation of touching my first child. We didn't know if this baby I carried was going to be a boy or a girl. Somehow I just knew he was a boy. He sure was.

They washed him, weighed and measured him, and placed him all wrapped up in my arms. I sat there mesmerized by him. I didn't want to share him with anyone. I even ate while holding him. We all laugh at the story of how I tried to choke him on chicken. While I was eating I dropped a piece of chicken right in my yawning baby's mouth. I fished it out right away. He didn't have enough time to breath it or anything. There was no real danger, but I almost hyperventilated while thinking about it.

Today 11 years later he is still a miracle. He is very agile. It is hard to believe all the things he is capable of. He is very helpful with the little ones. He has a big heart for them. He can chop kindling for his Oma. He can chop firewood. He can start fires. He is doing better at school. He is an able fisherman and camper and hiker. He usually walks the older folks or ladies at church to their vehicles. He still wants to be a smoke-jumper. A dream he has had since he was four. Given his giftings he would be a wonderful firefighter. I am so proud of this boy! He is such a gift!

Happy Birthday to you, Big Ten-Four!


Michele said...

What a great picture! :) Happy Birthday! :)

Your birthday card is on its way. I missed the mailman last week, and then the card sat there all weekend. Sorry! :)


Rebecca said...

Call me slow but I just today realized why you have titled this specific post "A Big Ten-Four". Care for me to share my billiance with you?

Because CCH's birthday is October
4th. Am I quick or what?

Happy belated birthday, the Big Ten-Four.

Love, Beatrice McWilliams