Wednesday, July 30, 2008

I have much to do....

I have quite a bit to catch up on. I am not very quick when it comes to the computer techy stuff. It takes me a bit to post something with links and the like in it. I have been awarded a few different things that I am going to attempt to get on my blog today. If you haven't noticed I have also been trying to do the Simple Woman's Daybook every Wed.

I have still to e-mail a beautiful, young lady to see if I could use one of her copyrighted pictures on my blog. It is such an incredible picture and since I know the models it is even more so to me.

I think I fixed the mess up on my camera-computer link, but I have no batteries for my camera. It is one of those items that when someone says they are going to town and if I need anything, my mind blanks. I then remember after everyone is in bed for the evening. Oh well. The pictures are on the camera and my children will not grow up thinking their mom didn't care (well, at least about getting them captured on film:).


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