Thursday, July 17, 2008


When TODR and I got married we had vastly different eating habits. I was a happy vegetarian whilst he thought the four food groups were Burger King, Wendy's, McDonald's and Carl's Junior. Now TODR is not really fussy about food. His dislikes don't even make up a whole hand full of fingers. That made it pretty easy.

Through out the years I have learned to cook with meat. Admittedly I do still have a steak disability. If TODR really wants steak he gets it while we eat out (which is few and far between). That is okay because I have yet to find a good recipe for broccoli cheddar soup so I usually have to wait for a trip out as well. During our first year together I had to learn how to cook for us as a couple. I worked at a bank when we first got married. I also was the happy owner of a small crockpot and a bread machine. A staple meal in our new little home was soup, bread machine bread (it had a timer) and a salad. Now I use a huge crockpot (I really want a bigger one:) and make hand make bread or muffins to go with the contents.

Each additional child makes the cooking needs for our family a new frontier. I have a hard time serving junk to my family. I also have a hard time paying the prices for much of the pre-packaged food. I have always made most of my own baby food. I order the brown rice organic baby cereal from our co-op. My children usually have choices for snack like pretzels, fruit or yogurt. It is also extremely hard for me to buy food at a restaurant that I know I can make better, tastier and cheaper at home. (That leaves me eating broccoli cheddar soup or Chinese when we go out. I don't seem to be able to get the hang of those.)

Last month I ordered 25 pounds of whole wheat pastry flour by mistake from our co-op. It turned out to be a great mistake. I had no idea how well this whole wheat would work. I went back and put it on our favorites so I can purposefully order it next time. So I am experimenting with our breads. I am also making new and different breakfast muffins. I used strawberries two mornings ago. Those turned out pretty fine. I used oranges this today. I have found that if I use applesauce no matter what "flavor" then the muffins turn out really moist every time (so much for Costco.:) I can't wait until our local blueberry farm is open for business!

I also got a Smoothie maker for Christmas. I am learning some basic smoothie recipes. My big experiment right now is a Green Tea Frappe'. I have my favorite lemongrass green tea steeping right now so I can freeze it into ice cubes. I intend to see if I can't make a yummy drink that is more healthy than Starbucks. My children are loving all the experimenting and are willing guinea pigs. They are anxiously awaiting the green tea.

Anyone have any smoothie or bread recipes to share? If you happen to have a really good broccoli-cheddar soup recipe let me know!


Tweety73 said...

You amaze me. I read you blog and thought wow. I found this blog by chance and then to have known you oh those many moons ago. All I can say is wow, you inspire me.
But on topic of broccoli-cheddar soup Wish I knew one, Once winter hits maybe I'll experiment(that's my soup time, too hot right now) I'd suggest experimenting with a cheddar soup recipe and going from there.
Oh and this is Diane Olson (aka Rolston)

Yet again wow you inspire me.

Heath Clan said...

Howdy Hi Diane! I am glad that you found me again. It is a funny, ole world isn't it? I knew it was you just with Tweety 73:)

How be you be, my friend?

Tweety73 said...

Things are doing okay. We moved to little town called Boron about 2yrs ago right after my husbands son moved in with us. The move was by far one of the best things I've done for my children. Besides that the last year and 1/2 were cruddy for the whole Rolston family, so I told my Dad that for the whole family all they can do is get better.

I've gotta say finding you on the web made my day yesterday.

Heath Clan said...

I am glad it made your day. We have gone through quite a bit of firey trial. I just don't post too much about it although privately I am pretty open. I know that it is true that suffering makes me draw near to Christ. I am so dependent on him.

I love living in a small town. It is one of the best things we have done as well. Is Matt still with y'all?

You can e-mail us at (b and k heath @ lewis county. com). No parenthesis or spaces.