Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Another Simple Day

FOR TODAY July 9, 2008...
Outside My sunny and beautiful. My boys are outside working. They are cleaning up the branches that got trimmed off of two trees out by our fence.
I am thinking...of child discipline ideas, what I should get to take on my anniversary trip next month, ways to get away and not be selfish, and balancing fun things this summer as well as taking time to read.
I am thankful for...beautiful summer days, TODR, my children and friends.
From the oldest daughter is making lunch for all the small girls. She complained about her chores and that mommy was mean. We switched chores for the day.
I am wearing...toering (a birthday gift from TODR), funky aqua skirt, plain fuschia tunic top and my hair up in a clip. Funny it is the same thing I was wearing last week! I am still wearing "skin shoes" too.
I am creating...a healthy attitude towards the essentials of life and a big family. I also need to get some new check-off charts for reading and assignments done. We seem to do better with charts.
I am stay home today and have a normal routine.
I am reading...I Dared to Call Him Father (still)! How to Make Children Mind without Losing Yours by Kevin Leman, Pearls of Great Price by Joni Eareckson Tada, Making Brothers and Sisters Best Friends by the Mali Siblings (with my children), Proverbs and Romans.
I am hoping...that two of the couples that were iffy about Love and Respect come and turn out to be glad they did.
I am boys now making their lunch in the kitchen and my girls eating their lunch in the dining room.
Around the house...the stuff is put away from our trip this weekend, the baby is peacefully sleeping in her bed, the small girls are eating their lunch, the boys are making their lunch, the temperature is warm, but not unpleasant so the windows are open. The sun is streaming through the windows. I am typing semi-peacefully on our blog on our computer that is placed in the kitchen (it actually ends up being inbetween the kitchen area and the dining room).
One of my favorite having people over (it is better when my house is clean, but I am learning that people are more important than housework).
A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week...tomorrow go to the bank and run errands, Friday go out-town and do bulk shopping, Saturday starts our five week video series of Love and Respect, Sunday is church and potluck. I also need to make an orthodontist appointment and dentist appointments.
Here is picture thought I am sharing...
Sharing treasures and new experiences. I am a lot like my daughter pictured here. I try to be friendly even though I feel timid inside.
The link for The Simple Woman's Daybook.


Michele said...

Yeah, I know- you're such a meanie. :)

I love this glimpse into your day. Thanks!

Michele :)

Sharon said...

You are such an awesome mom ;)
I have learned so much from you and Rebecca that it makes me want a do over with my grown daughters :)
Thanks for the glimpse :)
Love you all,