Wednesday, July 02, 2008

The Hand of Providence

TODR and I have had some really rocky points to our marriage. Now we know that God had us for one another from the beginning. Statistically we shouldn't be together still. In fact, according to statistics, both of should be in some really undesirable places. Thankfully God is not a God of statistics. We are coming to realize that He does delight in using the foolish things of this world to show His Glory. That is why we were pretty reluctant to offer the Love and Respect stuff.

The truth is we still spin on the crazy cycle. It is heartening to know that the Eggerichs do to. They get to practice what they preach. So maybe we do too. I think the key is not to NOT FAIL, but when we fail to not think everything is over. TODR came from a household of two divorces and two remarriages. I come from a line of divorce, my grandparents even divorced in a time when that was almost unheard of. So you can see why the only reason that we are together and not in jail is God. I think that is one of the reasons God has decided to use us in presenting the Love and Respect conference to our church family. I know from experience that it is hard to take even well-meant help from someone I may perceive as not having a clue of what I am going through. It is so much easier from someone that has been there.

That said...
God has just put so many things in motion. We have been coralled into presenting this stuff. All of it would take to much to post so I want to narrow it down to the funds aspect of it.

We feel convicted to use our money to present this stuff so it doesn't cost others to attend. We went ahead and put a sign-up sheet out to see if people wanted even to participate. We found out how much the conference books were ($7.00 a piece), how much shipping would be (free with a $50.00 min. purchase) and how long it would take to get to us (about a week). So we put this past Mon. down as the day we needed to order the books. Thursday we received an unexpected check for $51.47. Sunday we counted up how many books we needed to order: 10. Okay, so that made our order for $70.00 right? Now we figured that it would be costing us roughly $19.00 above our unexpected windfall. Not too bad. We could swing that. We ordered and it came up for $70.00. Our confirmation e-mail the next day quoted $50.00!?!? I called Love and Respect this morning. It seems that their website hasn't been updated and if you order 10 or more of the conference books they drop down to $5.00 a piece. So we just made the minimum for the $5.00 rate and the minimum for free shipping and handling and God sent us the money to cover it all! If you figure in the $$$ to make the phone calls everything comes out to the check amount.

Do you think God could be anymore obvious? I don't either.

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Michele said...

Wow- God is so good! :)
I really wish we lived closer so that we could do this with you. We probably really need it. I know there's so much we could learn from you.

Happy Birthday!
Michele :)