Monday, July 21, 2008

Mr. Incredible Does It Again!

There are tragedies and then there are TRAGEDIES! One such TRAGEDY hit our household yesterday afternoon (with a house full of people no less). Our washing machine bit the dust. That might be ho-hum to some folk, but to a mom of seven it is cataclysmic. When it is summer time, I have extra children over AND everyone is in the water it is horrible exponentially! The worst part is that it is mostly my fault that the washer is broken. I have overworked the poor thing with loads too big for it. I have also heard it spinning with a sickening "thud-thud-thud" sound (more often than I care to admit) and run in to rebalance or thin the load. When that happens I correct my mistake, but the damage has been done.

My friend's dryer is currently broken. She has been line drying a bunch and using my dryer a bit. She sent a load over to dry with some kiddos and the babysitter (to dry the load of laundry not the kiddos and the babysitter that is). So I had lots of wet kiddos and no towels. I had huge mounds of building up laundry. I had TODR and his best buddy getting in my smallish laundry room trying to figure out the problem. I had my friend's laundry to dry. I did what any self-respecting woman would do: I moved the laundry to my room, told the kiddos to dry out in the sun and put my friend's laundry in the dryer. Then I got out of the way of the menfolk.

We had a total of 7 adults and 11 eaters (that is children old enough to consume food on their own) as well as two babies in our house while this all was going on. You know what? We had fun anyway. The menfolk hauled the dryer out onto the back porch. They found the problem and what part needed to be ordered. We all ate some really awesome prime rib (I can say that because my brother-in-law made it and it was FINE. Bucca we have a wee little bit of leftovers, in case your are interested). The kiddos played dress-up and were hysterical. We played music, talked and ate some great strawberry shortcake. Everyone pitched in to help clean up.

Today TODR took Second Son to the appliance store and got the part. They "made" a friend of ours take 'em out for a burger (at least that is the report I got:). TODR got the washer to work for a grand total of $20.00 and a bit of sweat and blood. Right now there is a second load of wash being agitated in that faithful appliance.

I know TODR had some help, but I am still so impressed with him. I enjoy flowers and all the fee-fee stuff. I have to say that my washer being restored to me with a small amount of money and no recriminations from my hubby has got to be at the top of the list. Hmmm....I wonder what I can do to thank him.....


Michele said...

Wow- I'm so impressed! (And so glad it is fixed!) :)

Sounds like a fun day! (Although I'm not talking about crawling under a washing machine, though.) :)


Heath Clan said...

Maybe you and Calvin can come some time. I wouldn't make you crawl under the washer.

Rebecca said...

I'm so glad your washer is fixed. Go TODR!! I only wish my dryer was so easy to get back to working. Soon, right?

UMMMM...yeah, I'll take leftovers. But seeing that it is already Wednesday, they are probably gone. Thanks for feeding my kids and my kid's keeper. They said they had a wonderful time.