Friday, July 25, 2008

The Pig Story

Thirteen years ago today I was planning my wedding which was still three weeks away. I was giddy and excited. THE ONLY THING I COULD THINK OR TALK ABOUT WAS THE WEDDING. I admit that I probably was a very boring conversationalist at the time. We were on a fixed budget that we were trying to stay within. We were blessed with so much help and lovely things (like all the flowers were donated by one of my mom's student's family).

I learned a great many things during this time. I hope that I learned my lessons well considering I HAVE FIVE DAUGHTERS to eventually marry off. One thing I learned was that often busy-body, no scratch that, well-intentioned friends and relatives have ideas about your wedding. Every body seems to have an idea of what they think your wedding needs to entail and they are personally affronted when you don't incorporate said idea/s. They also want you to pay for said idea/s. When you get his and hers friends and family it can get crazy exponentially very quickly.

Now enters the pig...

My mom was a teacher at a christian school so she had lots of contacts and resources. She also was trying to lighten the mood, bless her socks off! One night, as I was feeling overwhelmed by all the hoopla, my mom opened up the prom decorating catalog she had stolen, er, um, borrowed from school. We all proceeded to pour over the pages and laugh at all our ideas. You could have any theme you wanted! There was the Hawaiian one, the Country one...we some how got stuck on the huge paper mache' volcano. Then the full-size pig cut-outs and hay stacks for the barn theme. It was funny. My mom made an imitation invitation for our wedding (much harder in those pre-computer days). It has something to do with the full-moon we would be sacrificing a couple of pigs to the volcano...
It was so funny and broke up all the gloom of overblown expectations. We would joke about the pig or volcano kind of thing often when things got too serious.

I mean really...A marriage is serious. We make vows before God and man. On the other hand it is a party and we should have fun, right? It probably is a good idea to have all the pressure beforehand so maybe the bride and groom will know if they can make it through such family heated things. How do so many couples make it through this pressure then divorce later over trivial things? I don't know-rabbit trail...

Back to the story...

My mom then bought a pig. No, not a live one. One of those old-fashioned, toy kind that took batteries and would move and oink. She decorated it with green ribbon. Then when Mr. and Mrs. Brian Heath were announced at the reception there that thing was oinking all over the dance floor. Those in the know thought it was hysterical. We laughed.

A while later when we were announcing the expectant arrival of our first child to my mom...
I dressed the pig up like a baby and gave it to her. Thus beginning a thirteen year tradition of pass the pig. It has been passed between my mom and I for Christmases or announcements. You never knew when the pig would show up. The pig disappeared for a number of years only to resurface last year. My sister had it. She unearthed it and sent it up here to announce her move to the area from CA. The pig is now in my mom's possession. Who knows when and how it will pop up...

Every once and a while my mom and I come across some cute pig things. We try not to overdo it because, as with anything, pigs can become too much. People find out you "collect" something and then you wind up with all kinds of yard sale material (or another town's thrift store dependent on the giver of said item). Unless, of course, you collect money... Maybe I will try that tack some time.

There you have it. The legendary pig story.


Michele said...

Hehe! :) I love it! :) Thanks for sharing this. I love learning fun details like this about your life.


Sharon said...

You and your mom are a hoot. I love your sense(s) of humor. Keep em coming cause I love to read em.
Love you both,

Rebecca said...


I knew the pig has been around for a while, I just never knew where it originated. What a fun game to play. You and your mom are so cool.

I tagged you on my blog. You'll have to go read it.


PS. I'm still waiting on leftover Prime Rib.