Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Where we live

Some of our favorite people in the whole wide world are hosting their annual haycrew campout. Since TODR has to work this week the bigger kids are camping while we are going up some evenings this week. That and I am not camping overnight with so many non-potty-trained kiddos. TODR will be camping out this weekend when he is done with work.

We were headed home last night. We came around a corner and this is what we saw:


Sharon said...

I love that ole mountain ;)
How blessed are we to live in such a place as this??
Kendra, I was raised in the Yakima area. Dry desert area where I never felt at home. Flash back to my birthplace-Twin Falls Idaho-another very dry desert like area. You would think that I would grow up loving that type of climate but in fact I dislike it immensely. Every time we go to "Yak-a-flats," my skin begins to dry up like crazy. I can hardly wait to get back home.
Anywho . . . have a great day with our Lord :)

Love you :)

Amy B said...

That is just amazing.

Keilah said...

Good heavens what is that?!
Is it snow?

Keilah said...

... And is it heading towards your house?


Heath Clan said...

No, Sweet Keilah, it is the year round glacier on Mt. Adams:) I heard it froze one night at the campsite though:)

Of course I will tell you no. If I said yes you folk will never come!

Keilah said...


Ha! Great. Thanks!