Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Last, but not least September Birthday Girl

This beautiful girl is the fulfillment of the Mother's Curse. You know when you have exasperated your mother and she utters, "I hope when you grow up and have children you get one that acts just like you." Of all our children this spitfire is the most like me. She goes at everything 110 percent. It is her biggest strength as well as weakness. She gets into everything and tries to help. When she is 13 she will be so helpful, but at four her idea of cleaning the toilet just means more work for me. On the other hand she gives the best hugs and loves genuinely and intensely. We could definately call her a Spice-girl:)

Four years ago I had some contractions the night of the 21st. They weren't such a big deal. We finally decided to go to the midwife's. We called the lovely lady from church that had agreed to watch the other kiddos. When she arrived TODR showed her where to park her truck. He then packed me up into the van. Then he promptly backed up into our friend's truck. I told him to tell her after we got home:)

We got to our midwife's around 1:00 a.m. I had hung on all the way there thinking of getting in the tub. When she checked me I was at ten c.m. So she broke my water and our lil girl was born twenty minutes after we arrived. I got to get in the tub afterwards. She was the easiest and shortest labor I have ever had. I was so thankful for that. Since she was born almost exactly a year after her sister I had been kind of depressed about giving birth again. God really met me there during labor. She is the only baby I remember crying for a long while after her birth. The others cried at first, but then just serenely looked around at their surroundings. Not this little girl! She cried getting in her carseat. She cried unless I put my hand near her face. I wondered what we had gotten into with our fifth child. Afterwards she did settle down and become a really complacent, sweet thing. She slept through the night at two or three months.

We drove home a couple hours later. Our friend was really sweet about the truck. Thankfully when they checked it out there was no damage to it.

Our Spicegirl chose pizza for her birthday dinner. She got a copy of the Aristo Cats. She got her princess dress for the tea party we had. We made cupcakes to take to prayer group last night. Happy Birthday Sweetheart. We are so thankful you were born.


Rebecca said...

Happy Belated Birthday, TRH. You are awesome and I love you bunches. Love, Ms. Rebecca

Michele said...

Happy Birthday! :) I hope you had a wonderful tea party!

We love you!