Thursday, September 04, 2008

My favorite story

Acts 9: 36-43 contains my favorite Bible story of all time. It is about a disciple named Tabitha. The thing that has always grabbed me about this story is the character of Tabitha. It isn't that Peter raises her from the dead. The thing about her that touches me is that the widows and orphans are beside themselves when she dies. They show Peter the garments she has made them, displaying the tender care she had for them. She was not even known to Peter. She was kind of a nobody quietly serving the Lord by taking care of widows and orphans. She was not, however, a nobody to the Lord. He saw fit to even put her story into the Bible for all time. It reminds me that we may not have the recognition from man (in fact the Bible tells us not to look for that), but God sees.

So seven years ago when our first daughter was born we named her after that wonderful woman. We were expecting another nine pounder (our second son was pretty big). After a really horrible, tiring labor and delivery out pops (quite literally, our midwife almost dropped her) a beautiful little peanut. She was born just after ten at night and was the smallest baby I have born. Of course, one look at her and she was worth every stitch of agony.

Today that little peanut is such an incredible little girl. She loves pink and Barbie princessy things. Yet she is a trooper and able to keep up with the boys. She surprised me with being packed and ready to go ahead of schedule for her camping trip this week. She is learning to read and use the computer. She amazes me every day with how capable she is. She can cook Ramen noodles and eggs. She can make sandwiches. She draws and colors very well. She is beautiful, but not vain. I never thought I would enjoy being a mom to girls. I am so privileged to be blessed with such wonderful girls.

Happy Birthday to my Tabitha girl, you are a real princess.


Sharon said...

You are so very blessed with your girls! ;)
Tabitha is growing into a very lovely (inside and out) girl. She has a wonderful imagination that someday will bring others joy. I can't wait to read her stories-now that she is learning to read and use the computer. Soon she will be writing, illustrating and self publishing her own series of stories :)
I for one can hardly wait :)

Michele said...

It is such a joy to remember when I first saw little baby Tabitha! :) She was just 2 months old when I met you guys for the first time, and I just absolutely loved your family (and still do).

It is so amazing to see her growing up. She is such a dear. Happy Birthday! Maybe someday we can share a tea party for her birthday... but I'll just pour myself a cup of tea, and thank God for Tabitha today. :)