Friday, September 26, 2008

I am thinkin' about it.

I remember watching Growing Pains on TV when I was younger. I also remember reading about Kirk Cameron's christian conversion. I never paid it much mind. He has shown up more recently with The Way of the Master (with Ray Comfort) and in a couple of Left Behind movies. Now with the new movie Fireproof from Sherwood Films coming out I have been taking stock of this man.

The thing that is amazing is how he and his family seem to be the real deal. I am convicted to pray for this man. The kids and I have been watching some footage from interviews with him. While he proclaims his love for his wife and deep commitment to her he is showing his even deeper love and commitment to his Savior. He told the talk show hostesses that he has a commitment to only kiss his wife even on screen. He told the secret that the kiss on Fireproof is actually his real wife. Good on the Kendrick Brothers and good on Kirk Cameron!

He is making a public stand. While I think that is so commendable I also know that it is a declaration of war. I am not saying he shouldn't say those things. I think acknowledging the battle lines is the only thing a godly man of honor could do. Just like those men that signed the Declaration of Independence put everything on the line with their signatures so is Kirk Cameron. The Camerons have been married for 17 years. Kirk states that is like 70 years in Hollywood. I bet that is true. Let us be diligent in upholding men who stand in the public eye with courage and honor up in prayer. The enemy will be gunning for them.

I am also rethinking if I want to risk bawling my eyes out in public and go see Fireproof in the theatre.

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