Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Another Food Faux Paux.

Over the years I have learned to cook more from scratch than boxed or pre-packaged. I have made some embarrassing mistakes along my cooking voyage. I once packed bologna for my husband's lunch complete with red plastic ring on it. I didn't know that you were supposed to take it off.

I pulled another boo-boo in last night's soup. Sometimes our neighbor and/or my mom bring us offerings from the local food bank. I usually stick to recognizeable things if they are not labeled. I am on a crockpot binge right now trying to tighten our food budget while making nutritious filling meals for all 9 of us (and the guests we end up with from time to time). So last night I happily tossed in turkey, carrots, chicken broth, onion, garlic, herbs and spices and snowpeas (or so I thought) and simmered it altogether until dinner time. I made some garlic bread. Viola! Dinner was on.

Now snowpeas do not need to be shelled. I thought we were going to enjoy those nice, tender things in our soup. I think they were soy beans. Tasty little things, but you need to take off their inedible outer shell. We all ended up shelling our soy beans out of our soup. It made for a bit of mess. It still ended up doing the job. I am glad to know what to do with those podded things since I have four more containers of them. I will shell them BEFORE I put them in the soup.


Sharon said...

We've all had em so don't fret just smile :) Sounds like a lot of fun to me. Who doesn't enjoy a good soupy playtime anyway?? Sounds good and tasty :)

Rebecca said...

I don't even know what a soy bean looks like. I would have done the same thing! Glad it turned out okay!

Michele said...

oops! :) I did something similar when I was in college. I made my family a "delicious" pasta/veggie salad.

I scoured the stores looking for peas. I was thrilled to finally find them, and carefully shelled the peas into the salad.

Pleased as punch... until we actually sat down to our picnic lunch, and realized they were edamame, not peas! Some of the folks were ok with that, and some definitely weren't! :)

I'm glad you were still able to salvage the soup! :)

Heath Clan said...

Wow,I am going to have to google edamame! I thought I was pretty food savvy, but I guess not:)

Michele said...

It's soy beans. :)

Heath Clan said...

After I wrote that we got the whole box. Big letters saying ADAMAME: YOUNG SOY BEANS! Ha-ha. I don't mind if the joke is on me. They are tasty if you get 'em out of the pod.