Saturday, September 27, 2008


The Fireproof trailers got me to thinking a bit about romance. I think men get a bum rap an awful lot. It isn't that they aren't romantic. I think it is more that we are simpler than they think. I also think that we women are all different, there is no real one size fits all (or even most) when it comes to this area. And (you should almost never start a sentence with and) men are competetive by nature even with themselves.

I listened to an interview with Shaunti Feldham on Family Life Today when her book For Women Only came out. It demonstrates this principle nicely. Mrs. Feldham was giving the example about how her husband gave her a romantic gift of ice skating lessons. Not only were they ice skating lessons they were in a famous location with famous skaters. Her point was that her husband didn't figure he could ever top that so she didn't even get cards for something like the next three years. What even made the point more was the two male hosts got stuck on the lessons. They immediately sized up whether they had ever done anything that staggering for their wives and how they rated in the analysis. That made the point more valid.

That brings me to the things I find romantic and not. That also is the reason for the poll in the sidebar. Feel free to vote and/or leave a comment about your tastes. Today is Saturday so I am going to do a Seven Saturday list. This is a one time deal. I am not committing to it every Saturday. I like routine, but I don't like being overly committed.

So here goes:

1. I love having my feet massaged.
2. My idea of a romantic dinner is without anyone that I HAVE to feed or pick up food off the floor from anywhere they do not ask if I want it super-sized/biggie-sized/king-sized or includes toys with the children's meals. Other than that I would even be okay with a truck stop or strangely home-cooked meal(not even exotic or great).
3. I don't like flowers after a disagreement or if my husband has done something "wrong." If it has been dealt with and forgiven the flowers just remind me of what a dork he was.
4. I do like home-picked flowers and flowers from the floral store just 'cause. They don't have to be roses (although the two-tone roses are my favorite), carnations, daisies or dandelions will do. I have many dandelion bouquets from the children. I would prefer some Willow Tree figurines or stuffed animals to flowers sometimes.
5. I like funny cards. I like cards with old-fashioned pictures. I like sweet-cards. I like home-made cards. I like e-cards. I don't like sappy, rhyming "inspirational" cards with all fluff and no real message. They make me want to hurl:)
6. I don't really care for gold or diamonds. I have always thought diamonds look like ice and I don't think something cold and frigid is fitting for representing marriage. I really prefer old celtic, poesy, silvery kind of jewelery. I like old-fashioned (really old fashioned like medieval old).
7. TODR and I used to walk on the beach where we lived all the while we were courting. I still find an outdoor walk on the beach or out in the woods to be really intimate and sweet. I love the idea of firelight. Sitting companionably with my sweetie with some hot chocolate, tea or decaf. coffee on a clear starlit night next to a roaring campfire sounds just about perfect.


Rebecca said...

Romance is wonderful. I don't know if I can come up with 7, but I'll give it a good try.

#1. Holding hands...I love holding Tim's hand. It makes me feel so loved and protected.

#2. Sitting on my swing in the front yard. Great conversations take place there.

#3. Taking a ride. There is nothing like being together in a car with opportunity to just be. I love to sleep lightly while Tim sings to the radio.

#4. I love those emails that I regularly recieve from Tim. He usually only writes "I love you", but he is really saying so much more.

#5. Moolack Shores...need I say more.

#6. The look. There is a look that Tim can give and I know it is a look saved only for me. Many people know Tim, but I am the blessed woman who really knows Tim.

#7. Candles...the good kind. Not the gross kind like liver and onions or dirty feet, but the good smelling ones. They can set the mood for so many things.

Heath Clan said...

Candles can set the mood, but so can a ride in the car:)