Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Birthday Beauty

Five years ago today we were blessed with our second daughter. She was our first child to be born in the morning. She looked like a china doll. She has grown quite a bit since then. She is still very petite. We tell her she may be small, but she is mighty. She loves her dollies. She also loves her sisters. She likes purple and pink. She has gotten big enough to do a good job brushing her teeth and making her own bed. She has started doing some chores in the morning like putting dirty clothes in the laundry and wiping down the table after meals. She has green eyes and straight brown hair like her mama. She has a tender heart and a great smile. I love to see her running across the yard towards me with her big smile all over her face. She is great at playing imaginitive games by herself. She is also good for a cuddle most times. Happy Birthday to one of our biggest blessings.


Sharon said...

Happy, Happy Birthday to the sweet Sunrise Princess :)
Love and hugs

Michele said...

She did look like a little china doll! :) I can't believe it's been five years already. Wow!

We mailed a batch of birthday cards to your family the other day, so hopefully they arrive soon. :)

Happy Birthday, Sweetie!

Heath Clan said...

Thanks for the sweet birthday wishes.

Your package of cards arrived yesterday! Perfect timing! I am doling them out on each birthday. Thank you so much for your thoughtfulness. If it wasn't for you and Lolanda my kids wouldn't get any cards in the mail.

Michele said...

Great! :) I figured you wouldn't mind doling them out (you can even sneak them back into the mailbox, if you want). :) I'm being cheap & saving postage. :)

Happy Days!

Kendra said...

I am all for cheap and saving postage!