Friday, September 26, 2008

Interview with the cast of FIREPROOF the movie

When I was in YWAM a teacher gave us a definition of love that I wrote in my Bible and have since memorized.

Love is a commitment to right actions that sometimes brings pleasant feelings.

This interview is a clarion call to our generation. It is the message of Fireproof.

Our family has been blessed by the other two movies the Kendrick Brothers have made. I am thinking that God is raising a standard in our sad and selfish age. I also know that I fall woefully short. I want to give up. The Bible says that love never fails. It also says that God is love so if we don't have Him we don't have love. We cannot give what we don't have. On our own we will fail. All things are possible with the God of Love.


Sharon said...

Thanks for posting this interview :) I want to go see the movie soooooo bad but can not find anywhere closer than Tacoma :( Wanted to see it on the big screen :(
Facing the Giants really had an impact on my life and I just know this one is going to have a great impact also :)
Praise and thank God for giving us such wonderful opportunities :)

Heath Clan said...

Yes, I found Puyullup and Vancouver. Not even Longview or Chehalis as of yet. I don't want to take the wiggle-worm as I would miss too much of the movie. I might have to learn more patience. I wonder that when it comes out on DVD if we could watch it at the church. Tim sooo doesn't like their stuff so he might be hard to convince (that was a joke-he loves their movies).