Monday, November 17, 2008

Our Father

There are days, weeks and sometimes months that I stray into fear. It is a subject often addressed in scripture. Usually some big weenie like Gideon or even Joshua that sits trembling in their boots. God comes and says, "Don't fear." It happens over and over again. I feel in good company.

I must say that in the midst of some of our trials as of late I see God's Fatherly faithfullness. I was overwhelmed by the washer situation as well as some other burdens. It isn't that any one of them were so bad it is the combination of them that can be crushing. Saturday TODR took apart the washer. We thought it might be a $145.00 part. GREAT! We could buy a new to us set off of Craigslist for less than that! Still we didn't really have the money for any of it. While I took our kiddos to the library craft bazaar TODR put the washer back together. He had found a bolt and figured he might put it in there too. Well, our washer now spins like a top! Completely free of charge (except, of course, the hard work put in by TODR)!

We also were the thankul recipients of 20+lbs of elk meat. I say that truly. I am not keen on bear or deer meat. I do, however, like elk. That is some tasty stuff. So I am going to end this post and take some elk stew meat out so I can crockpot a yummy elk stew tomorrow.

I have been reminded again that the Lord is taking care of us even in the little things:)


Rebecca said...

God is so good!

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