Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Commentary on modern times

Our family is often is amazed at the "theology of Pixar." They seem to hit a bunch of hard truths in their wacky films.

We are seeing the Syndrome game plan coming into play all over our nation. In this scene between Syndrome and Mr. Incredible it is pretty clear. Syndrome is going to sell his inventions so everyone in the world can be a "super." He says, "And when everyone is super, no one will be!" That seems to be the way we handle things in this country in our schools, in our workplaces....It is the answer to the cry, "That's not fair!" Some how as a nation we think the Declaration of Independence says our Creator gave us an inalienable right to be lazy and happy. Last time I read it, it said," the pursuit of happiness."

Pursuit implies work. It is the idea that we all are born with the right to exercise our gifts in the pursuit of happiness. It does not mean that we get to gorge ourselves on the fruits of others' labors. Unfortunately, we have become lazy. In our society we look at those that have (the supers) and decide we should have that too. Now if you want to work for it, so be it. We have come to expect a certain "lifestyle" standard is our right. Just like some fat, spoiled brat that has never done an honest day's work and lies around spending daddy's money that he broke his back to get.

Now what is the response of our places of employment? Our school system? Our government? It isn't, "Well, get off your duff and work." It is to lower the bar and make everyone "super." Our society is hitting an all-time low of mediocrity. Because everyone is being made super and pretty soon no one will be.

Thankfully God is still above such things. I am watching Him raise up my Mr. Incredible as well as many men in our church. I am thankful for all the truly Super folks in our church. I am also thankful for those awesome folks that God is raising up a standard with in other fellowships.

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