Sunday, November 23, 2008

Not too old, I hope.

I have been hearing complaining from the Captain that I haven't posted anything here lately. So I will interrupt my usual TV watching and bon-bon eating to post something.

When TODR and I got married we didn't have alcohol at our wedding. We did have a little mechanical pig, some balloon figures, a great DJ and a whole lotta fun. The wedding coordinator at the hotel was trying to explain to her co-workers that we were fun folk. They couldn't believe that we could be fun without being drinkers. I know there are people that don't know how we survive without drinking, TV, and such. All I can say is that they have never experienced our idea of fun. We don't need to drink to have side-splittin' fun.

One of our favorite activities is dancing. We love to turn on some boogie music and the whole family dances. We have all kinds of activities that are just plain old fun. I hope to never lose our desire to have that kind of clean fun. Anyone up for some cow tippin'?


Heath Clan said...

When you are done writing on your blog would you pass the bon bons and the remote to the tv?

Sharon said...

Homemade fun is the only way to really enjoy yourself :)

Love the drawing :)

I remember when they had ice cream bon bons . . . are they still out there in dessert land?