Thursday, November 13, 2008

I joined a fan club!

I am not really a joiner. It took me a long time to be adult enough to admit that Pride and Prejudice is my favorite book. Why? Because I didn't want to be like everyone else. Everyone likes that book if they read Jane Austen. I finally decided that I was secure enough to go with something popular because I like what I like. I don't have to like something odd just to be different.

So here I am 35 years old and I have officially joined my first fan club! It is the Doug Croucher fan club. Now if you don't know who that wonderful individual is let me enlighten you:

I was in seventh grade when our small Lutheran school engaged two teachers that were younger than Methusaleh. When you are 12 anyone older than 30 is ancient. One of these guys was going to teach 8th grade and do the youth stuff. His name was Doug Croucher.

He really had some good ideas. God blessed the youthgroup and it swelled from a half dozen (I think) to over 30 (I think) on a Wed. night Bible Study. I had NEVER met a man that actually lived like he believed that Jesus stuff. The summer I graduated from 8th grade I was "kidnapped" into the youthgroup and my life was never the same again.

I spent a bunch of time with this great man and he took a lot of stuff from a hurting confused girl. I came to know the Lord when I was fourteen. This man had a huge bunch to do with that. I can look back and see where my life was headed. I can also see all the riches I have received in Christ through out the years. I am so thankful to my Lord and Savior for bringing this man into my life.

So I joyfully join the ranks in the Douglas Croucher Fan Club.


angiesrecipes said...

Hey Kendra! I just found your blog through your profile on Facebook. I know what you mean about Doug. He was a pretty amazing influence in my life. And, actually, he was fresh out of college when he came to Oxnard, so he was only 22!!! It's crazy to think about!

Anyways, I better run. I have to check out your blog before my husband needs the computer back. Have a blessed weekend!

Angie 'Velasquez' Thornton

P.S.: What is your sister up to these days? And how's your mom? Say hello for me!

BrimanHeath said...

Wow! Hey there! Senegal, huh?

Pretty amazing catching up with folks.

I have bunches to do right now so I am getting in bits here and there.