Thursday, April 09, 2009

Maundy Thursday

My children used to wonder what Monday/Thursday was...
So we did some research...
It comes from the Latin word "Mandatem." We get our English word mandate from it. The term was coined in the early church to refer to the last supper when the Lord modeled communion for us. He gave us an old/new thing to observe. A new mandate, if you will. It was old in that it was from the traditional Passover meal that he drew from to institute communion. It was new because it represents the new covenant in His blood and body.
Our church celebrates communion every Sunday after not celebrating it at all for so long. There was a fear that familiarity might breed contempt or apathy. There is always that factor to consider when we do something often. It has become such a vital part of our church. I saw that the one Sunday our pastor took a much needed rest. We didn't have communion prepared. It was so vital to those there that we all jumped into getting done.
As I raced home to mix up some communion bread I was overwhelmed with the thought of Passover. That is why the Israelites didn't use leaven! It took me 30 minutes from racing home, mixing ingredients and a finished product. If it was "normal" bread it is a 1 and 1/2 to 2 hour process. They were to get ready. They were to eat and go. They were not to leave anything, even burning the leftover meat. They were to use the blood to paint their doorposts so the Angel of Death would PASS OVER them.
Now every communion preperation is not that dramatic. I see the symbolism in marriage though. We are intimate with our spouse on a regular basis. If we aren't we need to address the reasons why. It usually means something is wrong or there are bitter feelings on one or both sides. The same way-we have communion-it is an intimacy with our Bridegroom as well as an intimacy enjoyed with other members of the Bride.
We are coming up on a BIG celebration: RESURRECTION SUNDAY. This Easter we will go to church and enjoy communion as well as a potluck put on by the menfolk (they even have a theme-I am afraid, very afraid:). Just like in our married life we often times make a big deal out of our anniversaries. Just like in our married life we consummate our marriage again. Let us have these temporal things point towards heaven as we taste again the bittersweet beauty of our Lord's death and resurrection on Sunday. We should celebrate it every day, every moment, and every time we get a chance to celebrate our love. It is extra special this Sunday as we remember what Christ did for us. We also may celebrate that this is just the beginning. One day we will feast forever. This is just a foretaste. Let us enjoy every moment of it. I, for one, am looking forward to Sunday with eager anticipation.

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As will I as it looks like I will be with you all :)
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