Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Just Us

We took a group picture the other night at church with all the kids. There were 12 children and one adult in the picture. As we were snapping the pix, my dear friend noticed that they were ALL our kids-hers and mine. A couple of hers were missing too. I remember a few years ago when we had a visitor for Vacation Bible School at our church...There were a handful of us pregnant at the same time....He asked if that was the pastor's church growth plan. The answer was, "Yes, it is slow, but effective." How true. Those just happened to be the kiddos at this assembly. We have more than that attend our church. It was quite a "Kodak" moment.


Sharon said...

Praise God for your children!
I remember what the church was like before you and your friend came ;O
Subtract your 7, her 7 and a few others who now attend and that is how many we had!
Not many is it! God is so very good and in His time He brought to us the many beautiful faces of youth that fill our halls with love and laughter :)
Thank you for coming and thank you for staying--for you are truly loved :)

Heath Clan said...

Thank you Sharon. That was sooo very sweet.

Sharon said...

If there be any sweetness, it is because the Lord God did not let the body completely die. Instead He did some very hard work making it safe for children to come--in His time He brought your children and your friends children and even other children ;) His work is great and greatly to be praised :)
I am so grateful for the work that our Lord continues to bring to fruition :)
Love you all,

Rebecca said...

Where's the picture???

Heath Clan said...

I didn't know if I should post it. I figured I would ask your Tim what he thought first.