Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Patience has never been one of my strong points. I am being constantly amazed, though, at the wisdom of God. I am getting older. It is apparent in the hair on my head and the state of my waistline. I am learning to be less anxious and I think that is a telling sign of age as well. I remember waiting FOREVER for so many things. Now those things have passed and they seem to be FOREVER ago.

Our pastor seems to be stuck in the idea of "all we have is today." It is a good way to live, a good place to be stuck. The Bible tells us that we should be taught to number our days. I am learning more that all I have is now. Do I really want to waste in on busyness with no purpose (yes, that is busy-ness, not business:) ? The idea is not, live life to the hilt fore tomorrow we die. It is to appreciate every season, every moment God has us in. I only have this moment to savor. Everything changes. Yet when we stop and savor we hear the echoes of the future. The future when we will hear the whole compostion instead of just catching strains of it throught the veil.

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