Tuesday, April 21, 2009

A Few LIttle Tidbits

-It was finally warm enough for some water sporting at our house. The second son washed Oma's car and the girls found a hole in the hose. They all put on their bathing suits and danced and ran through the water, even the smallest fry. Here is a picture of our bathing beauties.
-Number 2 son has decided to study Greek. He has me making worksheets for him and he has been wandering around singing the Greek alphabet song. He is a funny duck, but very fun.
-Our pastor was making a point Sunday. The point was being sold out completely to God and not "trying God" like He was some kind of a shoe to try on. The pastor remarked that he was going to get arrested at Walmart one day because he had a razor blade and he was going to take those "Try God" bumper stickers off of folks' cars. He said he would leave all the other stickers there. Now most of us knew he was not serious, but our oldest boy obviously didn't. He offered to go with him when he did it. Now I am not too sure if we should be proud that our son is on board enough to back his pastor's play or if we have some talking to be doing:)
We Heaths may be strange, but we have never been accused of being boring.

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Jare and Lib said...

Wow I haven't seen the girls for so long now.
They all look older, which could make me feel older...nah!
But I miss all of the kiddos,
can not wait until we meet again=)


-Lib(Miss Bethie)