Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Preparing for......


Many are familiar with the story told in Facing the Giants about preparing for rain. Here in the Pacific Northwest we are always prepared for rain. The sunshine is iffy. So here we are....

We have a work party we have planned at my mom's house. Hosting it and providing the food is our gift to her for her birthday that was in April (back when it was still SNOWING regularly). The weekend looked promising with the weather. Now we have put out the invitation, folks are planning on helping, plants are purchased and food is planned. The weather is predicting sunny for Friday and partly cloudy for Saturday. We are praying for sun. My faith is kind of shakey at this point. I find myself in that situation again of thinking that God wanted me to do something and now I hear the question: Did God REALLY say?....And my answer is I DON'T KNOW!

On another front I am looking at the reality of camping with our family this summer. Due to past issues (read bad attitudes on the part of many) I am seriously torn. I remember camping as a child. It was one of those rare and happy memories for me. I also remember the "camp conditions" of my mission teams and the happy comraderie that those times forged in us. I know there have been many changes for the good in everyone in our house. There are just some fronts that I am not willing to give up on. And I just don't know if those are hills to die on or my sinful selfishness taking over and they need need to die....I JUST DON'T KNOW. We need to get some more things for camping. We have some basics, but we need some more decent sleeping bags and cots/mattresses/soft things for kiddos to sleep in. We have one air mattress and 4 real sleeping bags. That is real as compared to the $14.00 ones we purchased a few years ago not at CABELA'S. The supposed down is now in horrible clumps in non-warming areas of the bag. They make great tents in the living room though. We do have friends that are "serious as a heart-attack" to help us get going camping since our kids absolutely love it.

I am trying to prepare for the sun. I just don't WANNA. So if you praying for sun.

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