Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Wonderful, Awe-full!!!!

This was my devotional this morning:
As soon as all the people saw Jesus, they were overwhelmed with wonder and ran to
greet him.
--Mark 9:15

The first time I saw the Grand Canyon, I stood in silent wonder. When I felt the
spray of Niagara Falls against my face, I did the same. I will never forget that
crystal clear night in the Sierras when the stars looked like powdered sugar. I
was breathless with wonder. Today's verse describes wonder well - it's a powerful
emotional response which literally overwhelms us with amazement and delight.
It's a fine line between wonder at God and worship of God. That he would bless
us with eternal pleasures when he could easily char us like burnt toast is a wonderful
thing. His grace and goodness make us stand breathless. It's why Isaiah 9:6 calls
him "Wonderful."
Charles Spurgeon wrote, "Holy wonder will lead you to grateful worship and heartfelt
thanksgiving. It will cause within you godly watchfulness; you will be afraid to
sin against such a love as this. Feeling the presence of the mighty God in the
gift of His dear Son, you will put off your shoes from your feet, because the place
whereon you stand is holy ground. You will be moved at the same time to glorious
hope. If Jesus has done such marvelous things on your behalf, you will feel that
heaven itself is not too great for your expectation. Who can be astonished at anything,
when he has once been astonished at the manger and the cross? What is there wonderful
left after one has seen the Savior?"
* * * * * * *
It is the desire of the Holy Spirit to show you how full of wonder Jesus truly is.
In preparation for Sunday worship this week, ask the Spirit to reveal fresh, new
insights into the gracious character of Christ. Ask him to overwhelm you with a
sense of wonder so that your adoration of God overflows with amazement and delight.
Jesus, you are the Wonderful Counselor, the Prince of Peace. I love you!-Joni Eareckson Tada

I got to witness the birth of a baby yesterday. It was the first time I was not on the pushing side of things. I had the privilege of catching him and placing him on my sister's chest. It was so incredibly wonderful. It was an awe-filled experience.

I have long felt that our society has stolen, killed and destroyed true womanhood in its quest to empower women. We say right along with Eve that God is holding out on us. He is trying to keep us down. Men are trying to keep us subserveant baby machines. We want jobs, respect and power. There is nothing inheirantly wrong with any of those. Even the power when used with our legitimate authority is a good thing. We just want to go about it the wrong way. We want abortion on demand so we can have sex anytime with anyone without "consequences."

We choose death instead of our God-given capacity to bring life. When we as women choose to do it God's way, the way we were designed, it brings Him glory and we feel wonderfilled. Watching a baby born naturally is more awe-inspiring than the Grand Canyon. We, as women, have options. We can embrace our womanhood and be part of bringing about life or we can go about it the wrong way and grasp for our rights by bringing about death. I want to gasp at the grandeur and give praise to God over the Grand Canyon rather than stand over the open grave of the babies we have slain pretending that "we have come a long way." God has given us miraculous signs of His glory they are just a heartbeat away on the other side of the veil.

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Rebecca said...

Here's an awesome story and short video about May and Leslie...a boy, who today, would have most likely been aborted. But thank God, May saw beyond his disability and gave him a life.