Thursday, January 22, 2009

Love is in the Air

Picture of valentines day candy hearts.Link to copyright.
Valentine's Day falls on a Saturday this year. I promised the kids some kind of party. I am trying to think of some fun, economic ways to show ALL those we love that they are loved and appreciated. I remember hating Valentine's Day when I was single. It was always hard to be reminded that I wasn't part of a couple. The holiday seems to be geared towards marketing for COUPLES. We, as the body of Christ, are called to show love to all of those in the body. Hmmmm... does anyone have any ideas?


Sharon said...

I love Valentines Day :) Even as a child attending a secular school . . . Valentines Day was always a welcome celebration :) We decorated shoe boxes like Valentines and then on V DAY we would pass out our valentines. This could have been a hurtful time but my teachers always made it plain that everyone was to provide valentines for everyone-handmade or store bought-as no one was to be left out :) One teacher in particular was always ready to slip in a few extra's if someone was forgotten :)
So . . . all that to say--Decorate Valentines boxes cause it is sooooo fun :) In fact I may have to do that very thing and then put love notes in it for my Valentine :) On second thought . . . why stop there I might as well make three more and give them-complete with love notes as everyone needs to know that they are loved-to our three girls :)
Love you,
PS my blog site will even be dressed up in a Valentines look all of February cause I loves VD soooo much :)

Heath Clan said...

I think you should go for all the boxes. Yeppers! The girls all need one. I don't think Nana and Azure really care.

I can't come up with enough boxes. I might try to do something like pockets on a posterboard. That is giving me a good idea.
Thanks Sharon.

Sharon said...

You are most welcome :)

Keilah said...

What did you end up doing, Mrs. Heath?