Thursday, January 29, 2009

25 Random Things about Me

. I am 35 years old and I have been married for13 and a half of those years.

2. I met my husband at his baptism in Ventura, CA.

3. My favorite color is purple, but I don't like it on furniture or as color for houses.

4. I have 7 children, two boys and five girls.

5. 6 of my children were born at home.

6. I spent my sixteenth birthday in Florida at Teen Missions' Boot Camp.

7. I visited the German town that my mom spent a few years of her childhood in and we have the same picture of a church steeple. I didn't know that until after I got home and showed my mom the pictures.

8. Doug Croucher was the one that led me tothe Lord when I was 14.

9. I have become a snob in some areas. I buy water when we go to the city because I can't drink that foul, chlorinated stuff. We only buy name brand ice cream and I like the expensive, good chocolate.

10. I had my gallbladder taken out five years ago.

11. I hate hospitals.

12. I am like the McGyver of first aid stuff.

13. My first aid kit seriously contains superglue.

14. I still can't stand lima beans although I can stomache other vegetables I hated as a child.

15. I was a vegetarian when I got married.

16. I love all kinds of pork products now (except sausages).

17. I think I am married to the best looking man anywhere.

18. My husband makes me feel cherished and loved when he tells me how beautiful I am. He does it spontaneously not just when I am decked out ready for a date.

19. My husband and I have seen quite a few Pixar movies as dates without the children and thoroughly enjoyed them.

20. I love Jane Austen's books and many of the movies that have come from them. Mostly the older ones.

21. I love having my feet rubbed and my hair washed.

22. I don't wear necklaces much, but I do wear toe rings and ankelets.

23. Roses are my favorite flower-I prefer the ones out of a garden because they smell so lovely.

24. I look good in red, but not in brown.

25. I have a hard time getting pizza, italian food or mexican food out because I cook them really well. I love ordering chinese because I suck at making it and it isn't that expensive to order.


Sharon said...

Thanks for sharing 25 very interesting things about yourself :)

I agree with Brian on #18--you are beautiful :)
I also agree with you about Jane Austen. I have not read one of her books so my view may be a bit skewed because of creative license.

I can not wear jewelery at all including my wedding ring--allergies :(

Roses are also my favorite :) It doesn't matter what kind--although I agree that the garden variety do smell sweeter :)

Red is a very favorite color of mine especially "Wine" :) I too look good in red and not brown or yellow!

I also love Chinese food so we have to do that some time :) George does not eat Chinese food but does take me occationally and just eats a cheeseburger :)

I pray that your day is going well :)
PS It is so good to have you back blogging :)

Heath Clan said...

I heard that the new one out in Mossyrock is pretty good as well as cheap, um,er reasonably priced.

Maybe we should go check it out when George is working:)

Sharon said...

I too have heard the one around Mossyrock is good :) Let's do it--maybe sometime in March :)
This place is still so surrounded by snow :) I smile 'cause it is what our Lord has seen fit to allow us to experience. Even in snow there is wisdom--the Lord is using this-hemmed in-experience to bring about a reconditioning within our heart's :)
God's wisdom R O C K S ! !
Love you,

Jeffrey Weiss said...

You've been selected as having one of the Best Random Things on the Web on your list. No kidding.

Come to to see your Thing and many others.

Thingmeister Jeffrey