Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Editing my life

It has come to my attention of how easy it is to look good via the media. It is so easy to even make my shortcomings (READ GLARING SIN) look pretty good while making myself look so transparent. I can write about things happening in my life and I even appear to be learning from my mistakes.

I am slowly learning to make a habit of respect for my husband. I am learning to let him lead and to tell him how proud I am of him. I am learning to give my children more leeway in important areas and tighten up in necessary one. I am making some progress. Still I am inheirantly prone to want people's good opinion as opposed to God's. I fight (sometimes not very hard) coveting things. I so easily depend on my husband's paycheck every two weeks and what is in our bank account more than I rest in God's provision for me. I would really rather be surfing the internet, reading a book (usually not the Bible) or out doing something for me rather than taking care of my family. I haven't even mentioned the fact that I can be very shrewish if those around me don't appreciate me like I think they should.

It is easy to sugar coat these things on the internet or such. I truly wish to be the kind of person that is patient and kind inside as well as outside. I hope to practice enough that I don't need much editing. Okay, I need to go take care of things that cannot be neglected. Hopefully, I can do it with a good attitude.


Sharon said...

My dear Kendra, you have no idea how this hits home with me this day. We-George and I-are going through some very tough but interesting times. The Lord is busy growing both of us and at times it is almost unbearable--usually when we forget to hang on to the Lord.
The paycheck issue especially hit me hard. My heart doesn't want to be so tied up in that worry but sadly that is where my flesh tends to dwell if unchecked. All the stuff that nags at me is all temporal at best anyway. I keep telling myself, "self, what is the worse thing that could ever happen? George could loose his job!" Wow! Now that does scare me . . . until I remember that the job belongs to the Lord! If it is lost . . . the Lord will provide for us. The most important thing is that the Lord is growing within both of us and we are at a better place as a couple than ever before :) I guess we just need to throw off all of the worries and continue to hang on to Jesus :) There is no better place to be than in the loving hands of the Lord :)

Thanks again for this post as it is what I needed this morning :)

I will pray for you and yours :) Will you please pray for us-especially George :) Please pray that what God is working in him will not be stolen away by the enemy who prowls around like a hungry lion seeking to steal, kill and destroy! That George would stand firm and allow the Lord to bring to fruition that which He is working on at this very second and may it all be to His great glory :)

Love you,

Heath Clan said...

Of course I will be praying. God is faithful. It all boils down to trust doesn't it?

Heath Clan said...

Of course I will be praying. God is faithful. It all boils down to trust doesn't it?