Thursday, August 07, 2008

Yes, I am better now

Nothing catastrophic or really out of the ordinary happened. Just a whole lot of life converged and I was so overwhelmed.

I am better now. I worked some stuff out of my system. I ALSO GOT MY CAMERA TO WORK. Yes I did! Even with all the unhelpful suggestions from tech. support. I truly am glad that I know some really neat computer geek folk. If I didn't and I only dealt with folk on tech. support I might conclude that computer geeks have no sense of humor. Or reality... Or something...

I can now get my pictures to load from my awesome camera to the computer. Now I can even post them. I have my suspicions on what caused the problem. He shall remain nameless, but if he EVER messes with my picture settings again there will be dire consequences involving tortures of inquistional porportions!

It does make me feel some better that I have conquered this nagging problem.

I also feel better being released from some of my self-imposed requirements in life.

I will post some of my dazzling pictures.


Michele said...

Oh, yay- you're back! :)

That photo is so fun! :) (Who knew you'd been popping out twins this past week?)


Sharon said...

Praise God you are back :)
You were missed very much.
Great pics . . .you are such a great photographer :)
Love you,

Heath Clan said...

Actually the panoramic ones are Brian's! That goofy guy. Although he is NOT allowed to mess with the camera without permission!

At least not load them on the computer. He can take pictures though.

I will try to post some more pictures. I am soooooo excited that the camera thing is fixed.

I have been inspired to try to take some more artistic ones.

I am hoping to see if I can't take some Black and White and then add some color. Those are my all time favorite kind.

Sharon said...

You can do it Kendra :) Can't wait to see your finished work :)
Blessings and Hugs,

Valerie said...

I am glad to see you back and better. :) (I did read this back when you posted it and breathed a sigh of relief.)

Blessings to you, my Friend!

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