Thursday, August 14, 2008


I do learn something new everyday. I think I do anyway...

I was listening to my husband quote Romans last night and I thought I had found a typo in his Bible! It was judgment. No E inbetween G and M. Hmmmm.....I found it a second time. I thought whoa, whoa, whoa. How could this be? The answer is that judgement as well as judgment are acceptable spellings. I looked it up in the dictionary. I wonder why I never caught this before?

Did anyone else know this?


Rebecca said...

It's kind of like the word BOOBS. I have for years thought it was spelled B-O-O-B-S! It wasn't until recently I came to learn that it is really spelled B-U-B-E-S! (Although I am pretty confident you wouldn't find either spelling in the Bible.)

Sharon said...

good one Rebecca :)
I love the way you Home School Marms are always ready to teach :)