Wednesday, August 13, 2008

13 LONG years.

Yesterday TODR gave me a card with a similar cat picture on it. The caption, however, was different. It said, "If you want rainbows, you've got to put up with the rain."
Why did he give me such a card? Well, one reason is that he has a good sense of humor. The other is that it was our anniversary yesterday. Thirteen years ago we made a huge commitment to each other. It hasn't been happily ever after, but that is an unreal fairie tale expectation anyhow. We have seen rain and shine in our marriage. I think the real secret is to watch for the rainbows. I too often only see the rain and not the beautiful plants growing and flourishing with the rain and sun. God be praised that I honestly believe that he is growing beautiful things in and through our marriage. He even throws in some gorgeous rainbows.


Michele said...

Happy Anniversary! :)


Sharon said...

Amen to the rain and rainbows. If all we ever experienced were the rainbows and no rain . . . life would definitely be boring and we would not have any reason to cling to our Abba.
Hangeth thou in there together and you will receive many JOYOUS ANNIVERSARIES :)
Happiness, as you already know, is not necessary a requirement for long lasting love but joy on the other hand can come every morning if we embrace it :)
May your joy abound as you begin your 14th year :)
Love you both ;)

Sharon said...

P.S. I have felt like that cat looks a few times lately :)